First person servers?


Frankly it doesn’t make a difference in SP or as an admin.

The whole reason third person is so controversial is because of its use in PvP by normal players.


I personally hope 3rd person stays because i think it looks pretty cool in the devlogs for looking at what your character looks like.


if there is going to be 3rd person in the game, it should be similar to what it is in PUBG or you can just aim down the sight and not aim from the hip with full accuracy and great visibility on the enemy.


If 3rd person was to be implemented, I’d suggest the character be at the mid-bottom center of the screen.
Not like 3.0 where the character is at the corner which allows you to peak wide corners safely. And the camera shouldn’t be too high to not allow people to peak above tall obstructions.
Because at the same time, we still need 3rd person to check out how pimped out we are after a Military Base raid


Thats not “Balanced” the problem with third person is that you gain information you shouldnt. Not so realistic for some dude to jump you behind a corner with a Tommy gun and spray you down, knowning exactly where you are, and you couldnt do nothing. If you “Balance” it by making it not able to shoot in third person people would instead just switch to first person before they peek and spray you dowh.
Third person has LITERALLY no use other than ABUSE and should be removed.


Its not being removed, so keep that in mind. If third person was some sort of magical item that you could find, it would be overpowered. When everyone (except for people playing on first person only servers, which will exist) has it, it isnt overpowered, its just a game mechanic. You do mention defenders advantage, which is dumb, but if someone is really hiding behind a corner for hours on end waiting for you to show up so they can gun you down, its their fault for being so campy. You dont need to remove the ability to shoot and you dont need to remove it, because everyone can use it, and if you are really letting someone sneak up on you and get close enough where they can reliably hit you with more than one bullet, which as sharpshooter wont be a thing wont happen, its your fault for not checking corners or what have you


I would propose that 1. Recoil is increased (small to moderate increase). 2. Weapons Spread is increased (same as 1). 3. mayby add a “fog of war” effect that checks if your character can actually see around that corner and if not limits visibility ie. add signifigant blur to the screen or somthing along the lines. (not sure how posible this is). This way third person isn’t completly usless but its not an outright cheat (mayby make it toggleable to server admins).
Edit: To clarify I don’t mean distort the whole screen just the area “Beyond characters models field of view” ie if from where you are standing you can’t peak that corner in first person you can’t see it (clearly or at all) in third person.


The thing is this would make 3rd person useless, if you arent gaining any actual information and also have increased recoil and such no one would use it, unless they actually want to see their character, which is sometimes cool but if the cost is having increased recoil and poor weapon spread it wouldnt ever be worth it. imo 3rd person only needs recoil to be the same as it is in 1st person


Nothing should change if your in 3rd person, that doesnt make sense.

But @pulpfreewater, you shouldn’t get a zoom from scoping in on a sight which normally doesnt give you zoom. (Maybe you cant scope in?)


I enjoy third person for only a single reason - Other people fail to use it to it’s full potential.

When I find other people in 3.x that can indeed use third person very excellently like me, then it feels like I’m going against a cheater, and the netcode is always in the others favor. I almost always play third + first person servers

However, I have to admit I was very happy to play a first-person only server for once, as I was very relieved to run around stress free knowing nobody could see me around corners from obscure angle.


I think the reason people want to get rid of third person or at least make it denied on default is because people DO use it to it’s full potential.


How about maybe adding a system similar to scum’s? If the target isn’t in your character’s direct line of sight, you can’t see them. For example, you could be following someone right? They go around a corner and you try to third person peek the corner but you can’t see them since your character isn’t directly looking at them, you would actually have to peek your head out or move around the corner to see your target, combining this with pumped up weapon recoil, no crosshair and maybe a few other things, I’m pretty sure third person could become balanced. I mean I don’t think its a necessity but I’m pretty sure a lot of people use it so I don’t think just straight up taking it out would be a good idea.


It’s not that I dislike using third person, it’s that other people start using it in stupid ways.


You can move trough a city and have plenty of walls and corners you know? Its not just “camping”.

Whos fault? Why would the killer be faulty of killing someone? That part doesnt make sense.

And you try to blame people for “not checking corners” how can you “check a corner” thats 5 meters away? You cant. Its not the players fault for not checking a corner he couldnt. He died from a shitty game mechanic. And its not all about “checking corners”. You cant check windows from buildings and flats. Someone could just be watching you without you being able to see him when you should.


I do know that buildings have corners, but when people are moving you can hear them. If someone is seriously sneaking from corner to corner looking in every single spot possible in third person to find someone, it is their decisions to play that carefully, which no one actually does in 3.0, because the people that use 3rd person dont have the patience or attention span to do so.

Its the killers fault for adopting such a boring style of playing, which would be camping a corner and waiting for someone to show up, which is what your first post seemed to be talking about, which is just wrong because very rarely are you just walking around until you INSTANTLY, without any knowledge of where they are, get gunned down. No one actually plays like this, but your first post made in sound like everyone who uses third person does.

In 3.0, its very very hard to not know that someone is in the same location as you if you have any semblance of awareness, as the zombie agro noise is really loud, and you can tell when items have already been looted and other things. You dont physically need to check corners in 3, because the fact that there are zombies and you cant hear someone running around almost always means that there isnt someone in the same location as you.

If (in 3) someone dies from a person TRULY dies to someone absolutely abusing third person (ie camping behind a corner in a building and just waiting for someone to walk by, which again no one does) then it is the mechanics fault, but again this just doesnt happen. Also time to kill in 3 is long enough that you can usually reliably strafe and pop bandages, but obviously this shouldnt and probably wont be happening in 4, because it is a completely different game.

As a final word, I dont like 3rd person and the real problem is normal firefights and defenders advantage ruining these. If i could, I would make 4 be first person only, but it wont be as we already got confirmation that 3rd person will be in the game, along with freelook in 3rd person.


Third person should only be in RP servers only if completely needed


I’m not sure what would make them “completely needed” there, tbh.

That aside, RP is not exactly a gamemode. So, that means third-person would either be a mod (undesirable tbh) or it’d be a toggle-able feature in the vanilla game.


Yea the F3 menu is kinda cheap