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if you want to talk add me on steam


Just to make sure every1 understands.
1:Its a different case with own3d
2:not gonna DDoS this site(just my test server based on the same thing as this site)
3:I will be using just XSS attack to make sure that there is no gap in forum or forums database to prevent stealing passwords.
4:not gonna destroy or do anything bad to the site(includes stealing passwords)
5:its just a clear security test.
6:dont wanna white hat if i will find something even BIG error or something like that.(just gonna report it)
7:In future i will try finding exploits/crucial bugs ingame and steam.
8i think you understood other wise contact me on steam(or if you wanna talk or have some questions)(or you wanna hate on me)


nice shitpost there.


While it’s sorta ‘nice’ that you want to improve security, you don’t have tell us you’re going to do it. Just makes yourself look suspicious

Plus, why this forum? This is forum is made and hosted by Discourse, meaning that you’re ‘testing’ for that site and not for this forum. You can just report it to them if you find any ‘Vulnerabilities’, not us or Nelson.

In fact, your site attacks aren’t necessary and also highly immoral


This can get you into serious trouble, don’t do anything stupid…


Maybe you are right. I just chosen this site cuz im most familiar with. But still An XSS “attack” is a perfect way to prevent stealing passwords. Try understanding that im peacefull and i just posted it to know what every1 is thinking about it. Maybe i should report this to discourse but i want to help nelson as much as i can.


I know what im doing. 13 years of practice are something dont you think. But anyways thanks for advise


A person who knows what he’s doing doesn’t post an announcement that he is going to commit a crime online publicly… You can get arrested if someone finds your IP.


I posted it to know your opninion.


The FBI doesn’t care about the reason you posted it, a DDoS is a DDoS attack and it’s illegal.


I made a list while ago. Read it carefully. Also Idc about fbi. I live in spain/poland now.