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NICE! Good to see this thread is coming in handy what did you do to obtain?


I woke up and I had it. Literally didn’t do anything.


xD wtf ----


btw how do you do the “new user tutorial”


It might help if you go back to the top of the post and then read it all the way through, slowly. That’s what I did the day prior.

For the New User Tutorial, you should have gotten a message from Discobot when you first started your account. Go back to that and read how to start the tutorial.


Ok thank you ill pin your post to the top


Alright. Just so you know, the only other people who got the badge (only 4 other people) all got it at the exact same time as me, so it very well could be a glitch in the system, or so that the system doesn’t overload and try and give out too many badges at once.


I thing certain badges are being given out on batches for minimal server usage with how ive been getting badges


I got reader!

All you have to do is leave the webpage open for a while then slowly scroll up


Got it too, it definitely waits a while to give it to you.


I think their being released in batches with their timing


Hmm :thinking:


I think its 5per day


7 got it at the same time


They release some badges like reader but things like share in batches, presumably to save server resources from what I can see @Vulby @khakers @GranTY


I have acquired the badge. My quest today finally ends. I have obtained what I have been searching for all these long, cold years. But was it worth it? The spam, the unfunny memes, the waiting. Was it worth it?



Ed was here.


glad too see it was :smiley:


Who ever just got likes from me then enjoy I used up all my likes for today



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