Gold is literally P2W


Are you serious?

P.S - NICE, I’ve reached my maximum reply limit for the day, so I can’t talk now. Thanks Nelson.

P.P.S - I’m not sure if I’ll get punished for saying this, but I can’t believe at the amount of autism in this thread and how many terrible flawed arguments and strawmen there are in this thread.


As serious as one can be.
Can you say food is bad just because some other reviewer tasted it and said it was bad? People have different opinions on things and if you haven’t even tried it for yourself, then you don’t have much room for criticism here.


In retrospect, and most of the other members on this forum with Gold will probably agree with me on this, Gold is just a tool to support Nelson because he’s just a one-man team making games. I have a feeling that the only people that use Gold as a tool for storing tons of loot in servers are those dedicated base raiders. I seriously doubt that “everyone” who bought Gold bought it for the characters, and besides, you do realize that free-to-plays also have three character slots. If they only had one then this might be a problem, but they don’t, meaning that the Gold upgrade only adds two additional character slots. TWO!


I disagree. You don’t “win” anything with gold, it’s not like a boost on stats or better loot chances, alt characters don’t provide any pay2win system.
Is it some sort of advantage? Yes it might.
Is it p2w? Defenetly no.

Consider also, that you still have to scavange and loot around in order to obtain more loot to then “store” in your alt char, so it’s not something you get for free. Also, once players (most likely after their main dies) log in with a geared alt char seeking for revenge, thay will in fact expose themself to loose even more, and for the player that already killed them once it will be like if just another player comes up and tries to take him out, not a big deal if you think of it.

Now you could say “but people could store detonators and build up explosives to raid others in their alt characters!”
Well, that could be true but if you’re aware of the horde beacon exploit, then this option automatically falls apart. Raiding atm have bigger problems then people storing raiding gear in their alt characters.

So yea maybe it’s a bit of advantage, but is it really pay2win? Hell no.
Does this make people rage when they realise that others are using it? Hell yes
Can we do anything about it rather then adding another of the very many discussion about this that for years stormed the forums?


Well, I know that if a server is a rocket server you can install the Character Limiter plugin… It would be nice to see Nelson add a character limit option to the config.json so that Vanilla servers can have control over this too


Hmmm yes the smartest and most important Unturned players are ‘autistic’ for disagreeing with your post. It’s been an unoriginal argument for three(?) years now, and every time it’s brought up it’s said that while certain people do exploit it, they’re only a miniscule fraction of all gold owners. I’d hate to lose a feature that I personally use for content editing and group gameplay just because little Timmy and his friends are abusing it.

The simple truth is that taking away something that 99% of players don’t abuse is unwarranted. I’ve owned Gold since the day 3.0 came out and I can proudly say that out of the thousands of hours I have and all the Gold members I’ve met over the years, nobody exploits it. It’s simply too inefficient. You need at least 5 Alice packs, parkas, and other high capacity clothing items just to begin to reach the efficiency of simply hiding lockers underwater. Not to mention the time you’d waste switching back and forth from character to character further decreases the inefficiency and effectiveness of this exploit.


Tbh it’s not even that much unpractical to do; make a 1x1, place a bed, claim
it, drop everything u got, relog with new char, suicide, home, loot & leave.

That said, the part where u say that its way better to make random lockers underwater is very true. Doing the char swap all the times simply breaks the flow. Those who try to use this exploit will soon abandon it for the reason u mentioned above.

To the OP: don’t rage, we got what you wana say, it might be not the best but its defenetly not p2w so please don’t be toxic and let it go.
If you disagree respond below in max 1 hour from now, if you won’t I will understand that you agree with me and that you totally agree with the statements of everyone above



Doesn’t matter how many people exploit it, it’s an exploit and nelson promises that it gives no unfair advantages. I’d say thats extremely misleading of him to say so. Despite how many people supposedly use this ‘exploit’ I can gladly confirm that tons of people who have played the game a decent amount of time (100+ hours) knows about it and uses it.

Again with this misleading, nonfactual statistics being made to exaggerate your opinion

I disagree with this statement. When I play Russia on the main character I get fairly looted untill a see a bigass team comming for me, at which point I’ll just log off and get on another character that has no loot, effectively saving all of my loot on my main while still being able to play on same said server on a different character. All of that loot was saved / combat logged and unlike non-gold players I have the enjoyment to continue playing the server, gathering more loot while a non-gold player would be forced to either fight such a team or wait untill they leave

This is extreme contradiction as P2W is paying with IRL money to gain an advantage at which you just agreed it gives “some sort of advantage”. smh

Think of it as paying for a rank on an Unturned server to get a bigass /vault. Is that P2W? Yes? It’s virtually the same concept as gold, just a big more straightforward and without other characters that can hold their own clothes, have their own experience, and rep.


Paying a dev so he can spend the money on games isn’t my forte. I had assumed when buying gold (and bear with me, this was my only reason I bought gold) was that I was under the assumption my donation of money to Nelson was going to be spent on bettering the game, not wasted on games.

Though I’m new here, I can say it’s not nice to call people out or insult people. Just because you can’t build a good argument or salvage parts from old arguments doesn’t mean the opposing people are “autistic”


It doesn’t matter how much something costs, for all I care it could cost a penny. If you can spend IRL money on a game to get an advantage over other players it’s still P2W.

Though it’s unoriginal it’s a pretty big debate that apparently, still, not everyone can agree on.

This here is the biggest part of why the Gold Upgrade is P2W. Alt characters are basically just unraidable storages. If someone could pay a server for a /vault (which is a plugin for storing things virtually, aka its unraidable) then I would call such a server P2W. So why shouldn’t the same be applied to Unturned 3.0’s Gold Upgrade?



You had to go as far as to shittalk others & reрost the same thread on the steam forums.


He doesn’t only spend it on games.


Just going to say whatever I said on the steam forums:

If you don’t want to buy GOLD, make an alt account. Unturned is free.
If you want a second character so badly, but don’t want to give Nelson money (who has the audacity to spend his hard earned money on steam games), make another steam account. It’s that easy.


Jesus christ.
“Flawed arguments?”
Name one counterargument. I dare you. Come up with one argument that adding two more character slots is pay to win. Do it.


We already well explained what is wrong with it, we don’t really need to do it again. Just re-read what was already posted.


All of your arguments revolve around ‘‘it’s basically a vault lol, р2w!11’’.

Tell me: Is there something preventing you from making another steam account to use that account as the ‘‘vault’’? No it doesn’t. Stop complaining about things just because you can.


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