Gun internals and shotgun idea


Never being able to find working guns is the weirdest and most unrealistic concept I’ve ever seen here.


I mean I dont support the never part, but realistically how far can you increase the games playability and progression without just making zombies do more damage and have more health


…by adding bigger threats to the player? Stronger Turned? Bandit NPCs?

There’s no reason for something like a Colt to not have a barrel half the time.


I dont think anyone wants to be up against bullet sponges, and just increasing their health and damage values would feel pretty artificial. Adding more types of turned would probably work fine for a while, but I can only really imagine one or two “layers” of difficulty one could add by just making new turned past deadzones before it got a little weird.
Bandit NPCs is debatable, (as I have said before I dont like em) but it would be a little weird for locations that you need to loot to progress be chock full of bandits, especially if the game focuses more on the turned being the big baddies.


Yeah, 50% of the time is pretty overkill. I believe most people agree with that. We could probably just throw a poll up to get a rough-ish idea on what people think percentage-wise.

Now, I wouldn’t use the Colt as an example just because we actually haven’t seen the expanded attachment system for handguns yet, just rifles like the Eaglefire. Handguns have always gotten the least attachments options (even in Classic, where despite being able to take scopes and bipods they couldn’t take tacticals).

So, with a poll, I’m going to say to assume it’s about all gun generally, but the Eaglefire (and similar rifles) specifically. As a point of reference though, not what the Eaglefire itself should be doing.

What do you think the chance to for a typical gun to spawn with all “core” components should be?

(For rifles—consider this to typically be a receiver with a barrel, handguard, and stock, and then default iron sights.)
(Assume that this poll only applies to normal conditions, and isn’t including specific scenarios where you’re looking for loot in a sunken submarine or riverbed. Assumptions regarding overgrowth and such in towns [normal conditions] can be made as you desire, I guess.)

  • 0%
  • 1‒5%
  • 5‒10%
  • 11‒20%
  • 21‒30%
  • 31‒45%
  • 46‒65%
  • 66‒84%
  • 85‒99%
  • Greater than 99%

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Considering the feedback given to that part of your suggestion, do you plan to suggest something else in place of it, or…? :man_shrugging:

That’ true, but not the norm. :man_shrugging:

That aside, the same system that allows for guns to spawn with random attachments should also be able to let guns spawn with lower quality(?) / less parts in areas like a sunken submarine anyways. Even if the norm is that guns have a 100% chance to spawn with every modular component, places that may as well be an exception.


I would consider a magazine far more of a core element than the stock, handguard, or even iron sights, atleast for the Eaglefire, but I guess having those attached by default would allow for some customization (take them off or leave them on) without having to find additional attachments.


I had forgotten about magazines existing as a part of the attachment system for a bit there, but perhaps they shouldn’t be included in the same poll anyways.

I can understand why people would want all of the things I did list but then want to leave a chance for magazines to not spawn attached (plus magazines can spawn next to the gun anyways as a part of the spawn system).

Similarly though, I could understand people only wanting to poll on essential modular components (which I assume would just be a barrel on a receiver if we exclude loose ammo), and not want to include something like the stock and handguard. When making the poll I almost excluded iron sights and stocks (but not handguards) entirely.


Not sure I like this idea. Reminds me of that post a while back about fixing turrets onto cars, taking components off cars, etc. I think it’s too complicated for Unturned.


so to answer the whole not finding full guns thing
what if the gun was sued a lot internals got damaged
or someone slipped and the barrel got damaged
so they found a gun and used that barrel.
parts break through use.

leme know if this is a good idea (or tell me i coulda used a dif example)


I like this idea, but maybe it could be toned down a bit. seems far too complicated for what Unturned II is going to be.


Again I really think this oughta be per weapon. Civilian weapons, while being weaker than military, ought to at least be a tad more reliable in that they have their parts pretty much 100% of the time. I don’t see something like a Taurus .357 just randomly missing parts, not only is it not a very complex firearm, but I’d like to say it’d be fairly difficult to be found missing parts off of it as it’s pretty sturdy (having fired one irl multiple times) and not exactly meant to be taken apart.
On the flip side, something like an M249, a weapon which literally has barrels that can be swapped out to avoid overheating, would be much more likely to be missing a barrel or something similar. It even makes more sense; maybe the guy using it was overwhelmed and had to change the barrel but couldn’t in time, meeting his end.

I’d rather guns just spawn with their parts to begin with. But I’m fine with higher tier guns generally missing them (not always) so that civilian guns can become a bit more reliable, but ultimately cheaper and weaker than military and other stronger firearms.


I’d see this as a very useful balance mechanic.

Certain guns in Unturned are very common IRL despite their rarity tier (such as standard issue military weapons like the Maplestrike) so rather than just making them rare, it would probably make more sense if they were just harder to find in a complete state. (Some guns would be rare regardless, obviously, like the M82 Barrett.)

Some guns may even be nearly impossible to find whole, forcing you to scavenge for their individual parts. I’d see this as a good way to reach end-game - you’ve always wanted that PKM but you’ve only found a barrel and a receiver. (RP black market for gun parts, anyone?)

Civilian weapons, as opposed to just making them more common, they’d have the edge simply by being found whole most of the time. I mean, as you said, people rarely take some of these apart.

tl;dr you now have three types of rarity that greatly expand balance opportunities:

  • likelihood of finding a gun assembled enough to use immediately
  • likelihood of finding an incomplete gun
  • likelihood of finding individual parts


Guns will probably be rarer overall anyways and most people will be using makeshift weapons. Since makeshift weapons would be common there would be no sense of reward in finding a semi automatic rifle thats missing a barrel, stock, internal parts, sights etc.

Finding ammunition would be hard enough.


If your using fallout 4 as basis for this comment, that game is based 200 years in the future.

Even so, I doubt that people would start making makeshift guns while cars are still working pretty well and the fact that you can find superior weapons even if they are missing a few parts. Makeshift weapons will almost always be worse than manufactured ones. Not to mention it would be difficult for people to make them.


Fallout has nothing to do with this.
Nelson said that the game will be more survival oriented, which would mean more survival aspects like getting the best from what you have.
I dont want to repeat myself any further but the reason people would have makeshift guns is because they dont have other choices, like I said in my previous post i believe guns will be much more rare


*Insert improvised/makeshift/craft built/low grade manufactured weapons from Vietnam War, wars in the middle east, Spanish Civil War, Rhodesian Bushwar, the last days of the Axis powers, etc.

A makeshift weapon is just a hand crafted weapon made by unskilled hands or with shoddy tools. I don’t see why players shouldn’t be able to find better tooling and become better at crafting than just welding together scrap metal. Before you say that if someone’s that skilled than it would make it a “manufactured weapon” I would like to point out that They’re all manufactured and that term is stupid Without the actual technical data package, or accurate measurements from hundreds, if not thousands of samples, you couldn’t actually produce copies that have parts interchangeable with all the others, nor could you tell exactly what alloys, temper, etc. the shape of each part would optimally be made from.


insert words “in the apocalypse”… that better?

Let me remind you that makeshift usually means unskillfully made with common materials or objects. Ex. Makeshift barricade is a barricade thrown together sloppily and quickly, with random objects. Makeshift armor is usually random pieces of metal that were lying around welded together. Makeshift clothes are usually made from animal hides or parts of other clothes. You get the idea.

Also, yes I saw what you said about someone skilled being able to make a proper gun. (if they have proper to and such. )

Let me remind you manufactured usually means made in a factory. So, all made the same weight, size, and model. Depending on the assembly line. They have to fit each other or else you just have damaged him parts and nothing else.

I know you don’t take me seriously, and I don’t really care.



I mean, he’s not wrong.


I geuss they both are manufacturing incorrect forms of the word.


im sorry


@Aj_Gaming @GreatHeroJ @KingFrog @LeMaKoTi I used struck through text because that was a joke I do not understand why you would want to start an argument about the technical definitions of the words in a joke. While I don’t think I was correct, I will not be participating in this pointless argument.

The apocalypse hasn’t happened yet, so I couldn’t reference that. Each of these:

fits this description

That is what makeshift usually refers to, but I’m fairly certain that LeMaKiTo was using it to refer to player made weapons regardless of what materials or quality they have, because that is the only word which the game uses to refer to them, he was contrasting them with weapons and parts you find, and he hasn’t been one to heckle people’s grammar, spelling, diction etc. unlike me so I wouldn’t expect him to be using the perfect to completely accurately describe what he’s saying.

No, the size and weight of each part all have to fit within certain tolerances. Without knowing those tolerances for each part, you cannot start producing parts and expect them to interchange with the parts manufactured according to the the actual specifications. There would likely be some limited interchangeability as your arbitrary tolerances would likely overlap with the actual specified tolerances, but you would not have the drop into any gun level of interchangeability, that can normally be expected from an AR for example.

I don’t know how you would know that, because I had been taking you seriously up until I read that accusation.