Happy Birthday to Nelson!


Happy birthday! This is probably my 5th time saying it since 2014


And all five of those were this week.


God dammit molt


Happy Nelson day! :smile:, so nelson birthday in blood moon or Forget about it…


Pizza and cake is overrated, I think that a boiled zombie head is better because it fits Nelson’s game!

Happy birthday, since it’s the zombie apocalypse and there is not enough groceries, I chopped off a zombie head and stick a candy cane on it’s eye! Just blow a wish by stabbing this head!


If that was made with pizza then I’ll bite.


I’m big late but happy birthday Nelson!


What a bout a birthday fish?

lol sorry you had to see that


I would like that because I love raw sushi! I wonder if Canadians like sushi too?


It’s a real 4.0 “turned”. I crafted the head with some sugar, stevia and chocolate!


The cake is a lie why just why man i love cake but why a lie man.(BTW JK)


Also Happy belated or good birthday wait where unturned tho the game has to say happy birthday how cold
.(BTW any jk but still happy belated birthday nelson)


As a fellow Canadian I can verify that sushi is super popular here.


Oh wow good point