Happy Birthday to Unturned


3.0 is now three years old, while 2.0 is four now :slight_smile:


Or just four years old.

Happy birthday to Unturned! :slight_smile:


Perhaps, regardless happy birthday to Unturned


Haha yes!!!


7 July 2019 is the release date of Unturned II confirmed.


¡Feliz cumpleaños!


Happy birthday to the game that got me friends I play with today!


Happy Birthday Unturned.
Joyeux anniversaire non retourné.
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Unverdreht.
Feliz cumpleaños sin mover.
Buon compleanno non rivisto.
С днем ​​рождения.
Χρονια Πολλα Unturned.


Happy Exist day to you, Happy Exist day to you :cake:
Happy Exist, Happy Exist, Happy Exist day to you.


Oof that’s some bad translations hahaha


Happy birthday, Unturned!! :tada:


Tis but a toddler today.

Tommorow a child.

And then a adult.

And someday maybe even a elder, with little ones surrounding it.

And someday, it may lie in it’s bed, surrounded by loved ones, for the new generation will carry it’s name and torch with it.

Someday, someday that may be the reality…


I need to thank Unturned for being the reason I got into steam. I had steam for Unturned only, then after buying te gold upgrade, i discovered tons of new possibilities with steam, so…
bows down to Unturned
Thank you


These are from the comic Bluechair
Someone else can photoshop these. If they want too.



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What does happy birthday without moving mean?

:cake::fireworks: ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!


Feliz aniversário to Unturned.

Now we gotta make Unturned 5 years old


Got to remember earth day everyone.


Why not Talk Like a Pirate day

far more important


Every day is Pirate Day in the seven seas !