Hello Everyone!


So recently, I played a map called the metro. Its a pretty small map, but it got me thinking. So well, Im making my own version of that map, except larger, and more, the farther youg o, the hardert it gets" idea. Currently, the name Ive coem up with is “The Subway”. yes pretty generic, and similar to “The metro” but anyways, the story behind it is that you got trapped int he subway after the military blew all the exits. ALso, the whole thing is filled with zombies. that get harder and harder as you go on.
Edit, its called L.Metro, not The Metro.
Download the map I got inspiration from Here ↓
one more thing, the metro map seems kinda buggy, considering you die if you go too far down the tunnel so yeah. Its a pretty small, but interesting map.
If you would like to make objects for this map let me know.
or someone teach me how to use programs to make objects. T-T
Also, since this is a progression map, maybe it could be sort of a adventure style map? Fight your way through zombies to make it to the surface. yeah.


You can easily find tutorials on Internet to learn how to use the programs.



why are you


doing this ?


cause I want a break from saint pete’s island.


What the hell is Saint Pete’s Island ?

I was referring to the way you ‘‘format’’ your posts…


How… Ive literally posted a hundred posts ont his site about it.


also, its a habit to put the . in between separate things.
literally how do you be a regular on this site and not at least seen 1 of my posts about my map. darn…
Edit. Did it again XD


Probably because you have made nearly 70 different posts ?


how does that still make it so you have no idea what it is.
here. just take this.
also, I think you’ve responded to several of these.
heres literal proof that you should know what it is.


One comment in a thread made 4 months ago, really expect me to remember every single of your daily posts ?


I remember it XD.
Like cmon, it shoulda at least sounded familiar? If not I hate my life…


The fact that you expect someone else to remember every post and comment you’ve ever made is a tad absurd.

I don’t see why
you need to do this either

Especially when you can just press Enter


I put it between paragraphs. or different subjects.


Yes, but it’s a very irritating formatting error, especially when you can press Enter which does the exact same thing but without a period there, and also happens to be the button every other forum user I’ve seen across any medium use.

Maybe that’s just my lowkey OCD tendencies speaking, but still, I don’t understand why you do that.


I have no idea why I do it either.


Pressing enter is no more harder than pressing the period button. If you’re an absolute masochist you can press shift+tab.

at least in microsoft word aaa


heh XD soooo. does nobody oppose me making this map at all? its also gonna have a bunch of modded stuff xd


Why would anyone oppose you on making that map ? It’s your project, as long as you don’t just copy pasterino and claim it yours.


Alright sounds good.