Hey kids, what do you look like irl?



uhh pal where is mine? Thats a real selfie, you said selfies, aka a photo of ones self taken by ones self. There was no rule about doge masks.


ok then. heres me


im fucking suing you


he insisted mask selfies are still legitimate selfies :man_shrugging:



Even if you don’t count masked ones you still have to count sky’s

guys no way i hacked rains computer and got his pic here

No hat



how did you guess my password?

username: password
password: admin


1 selfie and 4 more likes


selfie of my cats
count as 2 c:


I am not very photogenic


I thought your hair was darker and more pixelated.


It is, but my iPhone camera is pretty bad.


But bad cameras made things look more pixelated, not lighter and less pixelated.


go easy on me


Alright, the pixelated part is a joke but it does make photos lighter


Welcome back to the forum buddy!


Alright people, 4 more likes and we finally get to see what rain looks like.


Welcome back fellow comrade

not happening in million year


oh wait we passed the 15 mark

heres another RA member, from the land down under. They sorta formed a whole ass gang down there at the school, a lot of people are weaing these little crappy RA Phoenix chains now.


there, 20 likes. I did, now send us a fucking selfie