Hey kids, what do you look like irl?

Reopened per request.

Molt is undoing the whole system

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Molton why. It finally died


reminder that this exists

Also, lets change the game up a little, since I already shared what I look like.

The next person to share what THEY look like, tags someone, and idk they get pressure to share themselves.

Starting with @Fierybattlehawk


fucking neville from harry potter headass lmao

Rain. I think you need to stop posting until you come to a reformation. This is hazing, and its not cool. In fact, that will get you fired from most jobs. The internet technically is a private place, so forcing people to share personal information is exactly the same as video recording in a bathroom (in technical terms). I have no idea why Molton would reopen this, and you to post comments like that.

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I don’t think anyone is pressured to share their face in this forum.


Right here

I would post my face but im the ugliest person here and everyone would have a heart attack instantly on sight of my face.

Plus all my cameras are crappy. And I wear glasses.

Like, the point of this post is iffy, but its ok because people can post their face if they want. But by “pressuring people” to post images, its not ok.


I suppose.

If yarr posts, so will I.


If you wear these glasses you will look cool no matter what. :sunglasses:


bro how u uglier than rain

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ordering rn

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Updated the original post to reflect whats going on now.

Also added a list to the post of people who have already shared so you don’t accidentally tag the same guy lol.

me flexing with my fresh off the vine 30$ 30000$ headphones and awkwardly smiling
sorry for the bad pic, don’t really have any good pictures of me on standby.

Next: @Syero

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Met up with Shuiro a while back. Cool dude.


This topic is shite

@Spebby has many pictures of me

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