How about a paid 4.0?


Before starting hammering down on your keyboard about how bad of an idea it is, sit back and think for a second. Nelson says it had never occured him to make unturned a paid game, but making it just COST something might actually benefit everyone in general - well, maybe not everyone, but the people who really are into Unturned and, more importantly, its development. Even if it’s just a matter of 1 to 5 bucks.

The advantages I see with this is a MUCH and really MUCH healthier community, as it stops attracting the attention of most kids who don’t even know how the game is supposed to be played and treat Unturned like a low-poly Grand Theft Auto with a +6 rating.

If you’re not convinced, a good example is Insurgency, that despite costing $10 goes on sale for around 2 to 5 frequently and has a community hub of envy.

PLEASE NOTE: Unturned 4.0 is going to be a game SEPARATE from 3.0, I’m not suggesting making 3.0 a paid game all of a sudden.

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Unturned 4 and its $

Despite my history of hating a Pay2Play Unturned… I think I have to stand down and just say it. Unturned does need to cost some money. But nothing about the $10 mark, cuz I could barely save up for that kind of cash. $5 is simple and fair. Helps Nelson, and the community a bit


It should be free to gold members.


I disagree.


Not really sure. Haven’t seen any game went from a known free2play game to a pay2play game. If Nelson truly believes his game is worth a small price up front, then he could do it.

It all depends whether it actually ‘Purifies’ the community (Probably the only reason to do this). I do miss that sort of community in 1.0, it was nice and isn’t clustered with confused freeloaders, many people gave feedback/reports instead of letting it rot


You could’ve at least explained why…


Not going to lie, I prefer a cost of $5 for Unturned 4.0, get rid of gold for 4.0 and make it free for gold members. It would purify the community a bit.


To some degree that was the point of Gold servers, but as you probably know they have been forgotten and pretty much made obsolete by all the plugins and configuration options that were released over time.

I do agree for a paid Unturned 4.0, it might purify the community of, as Yarrrr said, confused freeloaders, but don’t think it will affect the younger playerbase in any significant way. I’ve had kids as young as 11 donate more than 50$ on a server i used to moderate, money is in no way an issue for most.


no pls, the dollar in Argentina is so hight and G2A is the only page that you can buy games in a good way and these types of squared games charge much more than normal, ets2 was 100 ars and in the summer it was 225 ars


We’re talking 1 to 5 dollars here, if you can afford a PC good enough to run Unturned you can buy it.


Way different economy, Sirba.

With that in mind, games can set different prices per currency. The Argentine Peso is one of those currencies that often gets a discounted price compared to using other currencies on Steam. As such, it’s also one of the currencies where gifting games is limited to countries with a currency of similar worth (pretty sure this is, unlike the store price per currency, entirely controlled by Valve).


I think it should be that gold players get to beta test the game. Free after it’s good enough not going to be called literally unplayable by some kid on the unturned subreddit twice every day.


I know and I have said this in a previous topic, but the Pay2Play aspect is different from “Donations” games like CSGO and GTA might contain tons of kids, but the ratio of kids/adults is much lower than the kids/adults ratio in Unturned. Therefore, it would help in a bit especially since 4.x will have awesome new mechanics, the least we can say is the game being worth $5


There is just one bad thing related to having a free and paid version of basically one game.

I will take DCS world as an example (beta 1.5 is free and alpha 2.0 is paid). The thing is that there are no server for the paid version of the game and same thing might happen to unturned 4.0 (if it will be paid).
So basically you can have a paid version but that version will not have any custom online servers.


could you be more clear please


@Tomas9970 thinks Unturned 4.x being paid would utterly kill off the whole community, resulting in no community-ran Multiplayer servers. Basically put.


I’d gladly pay $10+ for Unturned 4.0. Not only would it give sweet profits to Nelson, but people with money to spend are generally more mature and less toxic than the F2P kiddies you usually see, so that’s a big bonus for the community aspect.


I would strongly disagree that a pay-to-play community can easily be equally as toxic, and even with a generalization I don’t think this really applies.

Personally, I support it because it detours some cheaters, and other people who just want to purely ruin other people’s fun (not just because they’re toxic, but because that’s the whole “sole purpose of playing this game”-type of deal).


I kinda think $5 is enough cuz in my opinion is a fair price. Kinda poor, ya know xD


I really think that the gold thing is actually good as it is