How about a paid 4.0?


that could be cool as well


Curated Maps DLC ftw

Would give us curated map makers some good dosh


Yeah, csgo showcases community maps very well. For anyone that doesn’t know, they have an operation every once in a while (sometimes a full year will pass between events) and in the operation they add 7 of the best community maps to their map pool (Unturned could do 2-3). These are free and accessible to anyone. However, there’s a purchasable operation pass that gives you a lot of missions to do on several maps.

The reason this works so well is because it means that the maps won’t permanently split the community like 3 does. With each new curated map, they’re amazing and all, but they really divide the community because it forces players to pick a favorite (out of 8 maps now, there’s too many). This leaves a lot of servers empty. A temporary event lasting 2-3 months would give the map makers lots of attention and praise for their maps, support them since they get a share of the purchasable pass, and then restore the official maps to keep the community on the same page.

These maps are straight from the workshop so it’s not like they’re dying after the operation or anything like that. And in really rare instances, csgo will accept the very best community made maps into the official map pool (The Unturned equivalent would be something as good as Russia getting accepted). 4.x could really benefit from a similar event showcasing maps with a purchasable quest book that gets players traveling through all of the maps to complete their quests.


Only having temporary access to a map doesn’t seem like it would be compatible with a survival game. Those dumb enough to even play on those maps would probably be unhappy with having to pay to access their progress.


You don’t have to pay, that’d just be for a bonus quest book.

And servers could always just use the workshop version to continue hosting the map.


What do you mean by “paying to access their progress”?

He was trying to say that all curated maps should actually be curated for a limited time, so as not to divide the playerbase. This has nothing to do with a paywall except in the context of CSGO’s operation missions which are optional. You can still play on operation maps.


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I don’t play CS:GO, so I had no idea what you were saying. I thought you were suggesting that curated content would only be free for a limited time. (Maybe I just can’t read?)


I was talking about the unturned operation…


Harvest was referring to my earlier post.


Oh (10 chair limit)


like COD? there are little kids in there to


While that is true, CoD is a steroid-fueled FPS that appeals to kids very well because of the quick bursts of dopamine along with minimal consequences on defeat as well as a relatively smooth learning curve.

Unturned 4.0, however, will be a survival-centric, more hardcore game with higher difficulty as well as a shift away from PvP focus, and prolonging consequences with death. This will likely be enough to drive away most of the squeakers that would have just come for gunplay. The kind of kids that have overwhelmed 3.0 in its current state.


well what i meant is that making it so you have to pay for 4.0 wouldn’t matter
because of the people that play CoD
as CoD is a 60$ game
and if 4.x is a 5$ game then it wouldn’t change much
tahts what i meant by bringing up CoD


It does change a lot, actually.

CoD is a AAA grade mostly console game that everybody knows about, and also is in a completely different genre on top of being far more polished and generally more well known than Unturned. Therefore even if the price is $60, lots of kids and hackers still play it.

Unturned on the other hand, is an indie game that, while it has celebrated somewhat modest publicity, is not nearly as well known (4.0 especially, being completely separate from 3.0). A pricetag, even $5, on top of the higher overall difficulty and more hardcore gameplay of 4.0 will turn away a lot of the supposedly cancerous community that is looking for easy, effortless gunplay.


Look really if Unturned 4 is what you expected, can be paid after all Nelson will work so much without earning a salary? After all who would pay for a good game just to have access to custody, yes it should be paid more still I like to be free to play after all you do not have to pay: D


I don’t think I’d mind having paid cosmetics similar to Unturned 3.0. That said, I’d rather have cosmetics fit more of a theme, no rainbow futuristic crap. I would get rid of the loot box mechanic entirely, and instead only keep the stockpile.

If the game is free, I wouldn’t mind paying extra (1 time) to play on official servers, but if it’s paid I think that’d be a punch in the face.

I don’t think any maps should be put behind a paywall. I would imagine people would find a way to just copy the map files and post them online for people to play offline or create their own servers with them. If maps are paid, there’s going to be less people playing those maps. Empty servers = no fun.


If you’re referring to my earlier post, I said the maps would be free, thus meaning the servers will be plentiful and that would prevent any need for copying files. There would just be a purchasable quest book that goes along with the event that can be used on those new featured maps.


you buy it as a DLC, steam could check for that DLC, and if you own it, the game is free.


steam can do it for example payday owners got a 10% off on a game
same thing can go for unturned gold upgrade owners get the game for free