How about a paid 4.0?


why would we have a paid 4.X?unturned is already free.that’s weird


But since 4.0 will be a completely separate game, having it paid is a valid option.


TBH I think this whole thing is just only stopped kids from playing this game tho and half of the population of this game is filled with some kids tho but hey that my statement here.


The conversation is not to stop kids from being in the community, but it is certainly to weed out a few of the F2P “rotten eggs”.


Can you edit the OP to have big text that clarifies that 4.x and Unturned 3 are separate games? Some people still don’t know this, and having to repeat it every 5 opinions is quite silly since people aren’t reading the other 100 replies beforehand to find that out before stating their opinion.


Wait question here if the game goes in full access and end the development at 4.0 than what happens to 3.0 and 2.0 and 1.0 will they be scraped cause today I was playing 2.0 my favorite version of the game today and I was thinking about that.


Both 1.x and 2.x versions have been discontinued, in that they no longer recieve updates but they are still playable.

In regards to 3.x though, from what i know it will still receive updates from time to time (don’t quote me on that) as it will be a SEPARATE game from 4.x, which will be Nelson’s main focus once it gets released.


True but at the end of the development you think they will scrap the 3 version of it or will it still be playable.


Unturned 3 will always be playable.


It will still be playable. That’s why Nelson is dividing the two versions into separate games, because 3.x has become too big to simply discontinue and the engine porting of all the aspects of 3.x (from maps to cosmetics) would be too much of a hassle to make 4.x a simple update.


ohhhhh ok that make sense


The other reason is to also discourage cheating. You can’t create an alt to cheat on unless you pay $$$, and getting banned would make you pay again if you have the balls to do it.


Yeah but what if the anti-cheating IP ban the person think about no one want to buy a new router unless they are a rich hacker.And tbh they no way a hacker can bypass an IP ban that kind of impossible cause if they do so the law might be involved remember just cause it got deleted doesn’t mean it gone.I mean they can also buy a new router that cheap but if they have balls to come back and back and back it just a waste of their time.They eventually learn that cheating brings the owner and the law involved, hacking is a felony so in sense, they are there to waste your time.I mean it bad but does not matter anyway cause people can buy rust and hack if they buy unturned no matter what there are still hacker so yeah (chuckle) they is no reason for us to price unturned.Unless Nelson Sexton himself can do a community vote we shouldn’t discuss this yet it for him to decide on whether or not He should have his game priced.


People can discuss anything they want. That is the point of the Forum, and that is the point of a community. The game is made on community feedback. Discussion should rarely be discouraged. I’m fairly certain that you already believe the community should give their opinions, discuss hypothetical changes, or leave suggestions.

To clarify: there are not specific laws regarding cheating in video games. Cheating in games is not specifically “illegal.” It can, in some circumstances, be pushed in court through copyright lawsuits for modifying the game’s code maliciously. These lawsuits typically only seem to be pushed by larger companies, and do not always end in favor of the developers.

Legality is not a deterrent, basically.

  1. We don’t do IP bans and even that can be bypassed. 2) Hacking is hardly against civil law, and certainly not a felony. 3) The forums are for discussion about Unturned. This is a part of Unturned, thus we will discuss it.


Ok true that but still if we price unturned no matter what hacker still do come thus making it a complete or not waste of time I mean yea but still they are a lot of skill hacker that can get this game free even tho you need to pay along with that people have money literally free or not hacker have their ways.I mean yea they won’t but able to buy but if one hacker can’t buy what the other hacker think he can’t that the bigger question.And TBH am saying this one way or no hacker can be stopped, but there are ways it obvious the anti-cheating system it does get every but everyone no one cannot be stopped if they are"hacker" with the anti-cheating system they have their way.The problem is that if we do make the game in a state of where it should be price well ok but here problem if the person who suggested wanted to execute than why did you not put a poll can someone now post a poll so we can vote it better that way.It like voting for president but just different.And we all need to understand our differents it better that way.


The point of an anti-cheating system is to ban hackers. That is exact the thing that it does.

A poll already exists. So, how much are you willing to pay for Unturned 4.x? (poll) It’s linked at the top of the page as a popular link.


yea but what I mean is that if it works than some hacker might find a way to get out of a ban you know the usually type of stuff basically.


Hackers RARELY get out of Vac/BattlEye bans. Plus they’re less willing to hack or make alts on a paid game since every account banned would cost more money to evade that via another account.


Stop shooting in the dark and be specific.

I back @101gamer101’s statement.
Unless you happen to be the Pentagon’s Triple-X Triple-A Super Hacker 69, you can “hack” yourself to be unbanned. Or an unlikely event that the client bamboozled itself to thinking legit players are hackers and sent a massive ban wave, the players can request for an unban while guilty players can jump on board.

A pay-to-play Unturned 4.x is one way to deter hackers, though not entirely.

Try posting in the Steam discussions, it is a great place. Better than this one, in fact!