How about a paid 4.0?


And again they are just a waste of time and also if there buy the game they can easily buy it again.How they can transfer the money to the other account.And it doesn’t matter because they will be coming.Remember there are groups of hackers out there and they can do anything with or without money.But what the point of people buying a good game that just is in development.Along with that no matter what they going to come with money or not so let put this aside.


Most “hackers” are actually just script kiddies. We’re not talking about actual hackers who manage to pirate the game for free. We’re talking about kids who go onto a website and download hacks for free because they are to impatient and bad to learn how to play the game better.


How is making every account you use for a game cost money a bad thing for deterring hackers? They can’t re-use used money to buy another account.


I think that 4.0 should be given a price, but in return tone down on paid content (making mystery boxes openable without purchasing a key, etc) especially with the recent EA controversy.


I believe Unturned prices are fine as they are
Because almost all other games have keys that cost $2.49
But in Unturned, it’s only a dollar


You cannot spend with spent money.
Do you mean free-to-play games in that statement?

What do you mean by “with or without money”?
If you mean that they can forge money, which is illegal, I doubt that they will over a video game.

But what is the point of the discussion if we are just to put this aside?

You should slow down and reply something that isn’t baseless and repetitive.
Most of the words you say are filler. And you’re not getting an award for stating you are 13 years old, that is very unnecessary.

Highlights (well, lowlights actually) of your recent posts in this thread.

… What…?
You can’t pay for something that isn’t priced yet, or pay for something and get it for free if I correctly ‘decipher’ your message.

OK, your point?

Plenty of unnecessary words. State your point immediately. You could put it as "Half of the total players of Unturned will not pay for Unturned 4.x, thus it will have a lower player count than 3.x. So I think that Unturned 4.x should be free-to-play."

In your point of view, what is Unturned?


I don’t know what you’re trying to say here.


You’re generalising too much.

Have you got any idea of how much more popular Arma is compared to Unturned? That’s like counterexampling me stating a paid 4.0 would scare some kids off with the amount of children in GTA Online. It’s a completely different situation since it’s a triple-A game.


No offense what was the point of posting all quote.The reason I’m defending unturned it being free and not being 5.00 or 10.00 cause it kinda not fair I know I drew hacker away but that is what the anti-cheating system was for.I wanted this to be prevented cause why?Why do we need to pay for unturned I know it there to drew out hacker but it not only the hacker there are kids and etc. But like why…why?It does make hackers stop but remember hackers are able to basically make any account but i felt that if we did let unturned get brought that the game would fall thought remember unturned has been here for 4 years for at least 5 years or so but I am the person that loves it I really hope that no one would do it what am I saying why I got involved well that the world ok am done here the discussion is all your but not mine Y’all figure it out yourself let just think.


How? Even games like TF2 have hella amounts of kids playing and that game is TECHNICALLY play to win, and not to mention there are games like Overwatch which so many kids play and it’s ridiculously boring for how much it costs…


Plus, for the most part EVERYONE is against the paying crap… No one wants to pay for this even if it’s a great game…


I don’t think people want to pay for anything in life. I don’t think that means everything should be free, though.

The majority of people, according to polls, seem to be willing to pay. So, even if “EVERYONE” is against paying for stuff, for the most part “EVERYONE” is actually willing to pay no questions asked.



again, it’s a triple-A title. much more popular.


Call OF Duty.
They’re tripe-a
but look at games like “Battleground” and all these other games that so many kids play that cost money, KIDS will find a way to play ANY game they fuckin’ want.
Especially if they’re around 5-10 and their mommies pay for ANYTHING for them.
You don’t get that do you? Stupid parents would do anything to keep their children happen.


Polls, polls, polls. What fuckin’ polls?
Go INTO the Community, ask the CURRENT PLAYERS, ALL OF THEM. If they’d pay for a fuckin’ Unturned II

Go INTO the Servers, meet ADMINS and ASK the ADMINS what they’d like to see fixed for SERVERS and ADMINS…

You need to be able to realize that this game WAS GROUND-BREAKING and leaving it technically in the dust for another game is some bullshit…
ALL THE MONEY WE SPENT, gone to waste. On the Skins, Cosmetics, Servers and more…
We won’t be able to transfer Skins huh? or Cosmetics? OR fuckin’ Servers HUH?..
What the hell will we do? All those things we spent money on because we wanted to FUND this game in hopes that it would be better and bigger…
THIS IS NOT WHAT WE MEANT, we wanted a fuckin’ game to DEVELOP… We didn’t want it to turn into a TRILOGY of games like Halo, Call of Duty, or fuckin’ Battlefield…
We spent money on UNTURNED I so that way UNTURNED I could become GREATER than it was. Not so he could LEAVE us in the dust, wtf will happen after Unturned II is out?
More people will still be playing the old one, and plus more people will dislike the new one IF you have to pay for it.
You know way? Because TRUE FANS aren’t willing to let their favorite game turn into one of THOSE types of games, PAID ACCESS games lead to a Stuck-up, Know-it-all, Smart-ass community. And plus MOST players don’t want that shit, things should cost money, crates, skins, cosmetics, servers. NOT THE GAME…
Have you ACTUALLY went into the SERVERS and asked the PLAYING players if they’d be WILLING/WOULD pay for Unturned II? I bet not, because I have and everyone has said the same damn thing “Hell no not for this, not for something even slightly better. Maybe if I got something FOR IT”

I have even asked people on one of the biggest servers out there (Rains WWII Server)
And they’ve said to me “For this? Nah, I rather keep playing this, earning skins, finding out the story for this game instead of having to buy a game and do the same shit over again and cost myself MORE money”

No one wants it, NO ONE… Asking people on here won’t get you a god damn thing, this Forum is probably only used by about 1 thousand people… The game is played by triple that
That’s why we have 100 person servers that are ALWAYS full…


And plus it seems the only LEGIT argument y’all have is about Hackers, fuck Hackers. They’re so rare already and so what if they keep making ALT accounts, that’s giving your game more attention EVEN if they aren’t buying shit. It’s like y’all have forgotten about QUAKE and other games that weren’t Pay-To-Play and then went PAY-TO-PLAY and TOPELED…
I am sorry but I want MORE PLAYERS because some “Kids” can be pretty god damn useful when you’re in a firefight against some fuckin’ Bandit Gang, especially if that kid has been playing since Unturned I… So technically you’re driving away a Majority of the Community because your only worry is Hackers… If you wanna stop hackers, use that fuckin’ money to do shit like get better Anti-Cheat software or some shit… Not make a completely different damn game…


It’s all about marketing. Make 4.0 a nitty gritty Zombie Apoc game unlike the Battlefield 4 with Zombies 3.0 is. Tell me, how many 12 year olds do you regularly see playing Arma III? Probably not many right? Even if it is Call of Duty or Battlefield on steroids. Why? It’s marketed towards mature players. Even during sales, I rarely saw anybody under 15.

This community here is widely representative of the current population of Unturned, although a lot of hardcore members reside here due to not being the subreddit or Steam Discussions.

Not at all correct. It never went to waste. 3.0 and 4.0 are separate games, and those who don’t wish to pay for 4.0 or want to play 3.0 with friends will be able to do that with no issues. Nelson will still support it, just not at the usual rate.

Who ever said it was going to become a trilogy and leave others in the dust? Nelson has been doing this for YEARS (under different circumstances ofc) and it’s a learning experiment for him more than it’s a game. He’s branching out into another engine and is going to put more work into it than he did in 3.0.

[Citation needed]

So what you’re saying is Pay to own games are bad. Huh, it’s almost as if Call of Duty and Battlefield have millions of players more than Unturned despite being a paid game and still sell predictably.

It’s not like they’ve got a gun to their head with Nelson saying buy it or die. If they wish to play 3.0 instead of buying 4.0 that’s their choice.

[Citation needed] Also the majority of the Hardcore 3.0 community and most modders are on board with 4.0 being paid, albeit between 5 and 20 USD.

“hackers are more publicity”

Quake Champions was destined to be a failure. Low player counts from the get-go combined with shit publicity killed this game off faster than the fire rate on a Bulldog. Also What ‘other games’? You tossed out a single blatant example that had little work done on it to ensure a playerbase even months after launch.

And frankly, I want a paid game so that I don’t need to deal with people like you who can’t accept opposing opinions. Maybe a mature playerbase would be for the better??? :thinking:

Most kids who play this game don’t even know Unturned I or II exist or how to access it.

‘Driving them away’ From what? From a game they’re not forced to play? Let 'em play 3.0. Doesn’t bother me what version they prefer. As I’ve said before, Nelson will still work on 3.0, just not as often. He’s not ABANDONING >75% of his playerbase. He’s simply moving in a new direction and I support paying to play the game because I support Nelson instead of demanding that it be free like it’s always been.


I’ve played Arma Games for 2 years…Most the time my CO’s and NCO’s have been 12-16… Wtf are you running your mouth about?..

“A lot of hard-core members”… I don’t give a shit about hard-core members that play every day and have somewhere around 2k to 5k… THINK ABOUT EVERYONE!..

And you’re missing the point, he will be compeltely focused on 4.X, therefore this game will get less attention from him. Also, YES CORRECT. All of our money is going to waste because we won’t have our skins, cosmetics or anything and our crates will have gone to waste. it’ll mean NOTHING in 4.0 Because it’s a completely different game, what are you a Liberal? I have never seen such Blind thinking before…

Also why the fuck doesn’t he try to make 3.0 WORTH A DAMN instead of making a completely different game, he could make this game 100 Times better if he listened to what people WANT in the game…

“Citation Needed”? Go fuck yourself, it’s logic, son.
You do realize the COD and BF communities are shrinking RIGHT?.. The 2 most recent call of duties have been horrid and the last battlefield was a failure and sadly too easy…

Also, THAT IS NOT THE POINT… The point is that we have SPENT MONEY and TIME on this game only for ALL OF THAT to mean nothing and go to WASTE…

And okay? fuck them. They have NO SAY in what EVERYONE ELSE GETS, that is liek the Electoral College it’s bullshit, a group of 500 people should not choose what happens to Thousands of people… That’s fuckin’ Nazi Rule…

And TECHNICALLY Yes they are but that is not what I am saying I am saying if someone is WILLING to hack your game it must be worth a damn to play

And ONCE again you’re missing the point with your blind loyalty.
You don’t understand how certain games like this and liek QUAKE could’ve WRECKED the markets and become AMAZING… Unturned will lose SO MUCH of it’s playbase with this fuckin’ Pay to Play bullshit

And how would that stop you from facing people with Different opinions? Are you fuckin’ retarded?
PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS AND HATE YOUR OPINIONS, that is life that is Politics. You’re pretty much going on about how YOU YOURSELF hate peoples OPINION
Because you think 500-1,000 people get to say what happens to EVERYONE ELSE in the game.

And really? REALLY?.. Do you not know who Juggs is? Jesus fuckin’ chirst…

And if you support Nelson in this STUPID move you support shitty companies like EA that ruined their fuckin’ Battlefront Series, good god damn luck with your Shitty 4.0…


I am assuming that you are more upset about Unturned II than you are about any sort of price tag. While it is unfortunate you feel the way that you do, because of the core foundation of Unturned 3 it would be quite difficult to “make the game better” beyond adding primarily new content and minor gameplay tweaks at this point. Unturned II aims to fix a lot of the core problems with Unturned 3 since it is being redone from scratch and is far easier and more efficient to do in that scenario.

Support Nelson on what move? This is a suggestion post. It was to encourage healthy discussion. There was never any “move” made by Nelson, unless you mean creating Unturned II.

In that case, I fully support the creation of Unturned II. It would be the most efficient way to fix most of the core structural problems with Unturned, and as a side-effect of being a blank slate Nelson can redo the economy system and other features without making the same mistakes.


What do you mean?

I didn’t ask.

Wait what? What do you mean you “drew hacker away”? 2 lines in and I’m getting lost already.

Anti-Cheat systems are reliable if they are a step ahead, up until a hack provider reverse-engineers the anti-cheat.
I’ve read in an interview from Tripwire Interactive (??) that they purchase hacks themselves so they can make it detectable, and about 15 minutes later after release the patch, a new hack gets released and is undetected. Citations needed, can’t find it in Google somehow.

Below are something to enrich yourself about hacks.

Another cheater suggested I practice cheating in free-to-play games. “That’s what I love about free games,” he said. “You can just keep coming back and there’s nothing they can do about it.”
“Anti-cheat can’t detect what it can’t get its hands on”

Read more here.

Your formatting is so bad. You combine all the sentences together that it isn’t clear on what you’re referring to “this”.

If you mean that you’re preventing anti-cheat systems from working - that’s dumb.
But if you mean that you’re preventing that you “drew hacker away” - I have no idea what you’re on about.

Just scroll up the thread and re-read previous posts. Stop being repetitive.

Anyone can easily make a Steam account. It is a free registration.
This brings us to the game’s pricing. If 4.x is free, based on other posters’ replies, it would yield more hackers than a paid 4.x. The payment for 4.x is a deterrent for hackers. Though these are speculations.


2.x is free. Will not be priced.
3.x is also free. Will also not be priced.
You can play these versions without paying. The topic is all about 4.x. Maybe stop for a while and read the title?

4.x is teased. No price set.

Precisely. What are you saying?
Most of your sentences are very obscure.

No, the discussion is for any one who wishes to participate. If you can’t handle rejection and criticism, you should stop being a lightweight.

You should take my posts as criticism. Pointers to improve your writing skills because the messages you send are for everyone who comes across this thread. Slow down, and put thought into the words you type. Think before you post. Revise if you must.


You should calm down. Keep it civil. The posts here are only opinions. Speculations and what not.


Some opinions and speculations are wrong…haveyou not seen what this 101gamer guy is saying?..he is pretty much saying EVERYONE ON here…has more say than ALL THE OTHER PLAYERS do…which is bullshit