How did you find out about Unturned?


What lead you to this amazing game?


10 of my friends talked about it once I played with them for 100hours they left I played another 700hours with none of my original friends but I found 100more via modding and servers boi this game ruined my life but it was worth it to meet more people around the world


Let’s just say I found a way to Nelson’s old long-gone blog as early as possible in 2013


I watched a YouTube called Paulsoaresjr and he played the game. I liked it and got a steam account just to play it, back during 2.0.


im probably the late guy…but i started back in 2015, somewhere in, my friend told me about it, we played a bit, he quit, and i kept playing.

guess it was good to keep playing.


My friend pressured me into getting it because “it was the best game ever!” cant argue…


Sometime in early to mid 2014, My friend told me about this cool game, I didn’t really care as I didn’t have steam but he told me that it was free and so I tried it and never looked back. Thanks Unturned for getting me into PC gaming!


A friend right after I got my PC told me to get the game and we hopped on some server that night. I had no idea what was going on and then we were driving along and we got blown up. The end.


Steam discovery queue


A friend wanted me to play it with him. This was back in 2.2.5., when listen servers were possible. I fell in love with the game immediately, and bought the Gold Upgrade within a day or two. Sadly the friend in question doesn’t play anymore, and even I don’t play as frequently in 3.0, but I’m excited to see how this potential 4.0 version turns out.


20 days after it’s release my brother was looking for a game for us to play and Unturned was on the front page, so we downloaded it and I found one of my favorite games, though my brothers stopped since they get tired of everything they try… yep.


testing free to play games


Roblox is a helluva drug.

So are blogs.

And browsing Steam for free games because you have no money.

And friends with connections.


I was playing Minecraft PE at the time (I had never player computer/console games before) when I stumbled across a video by a minecraft youtuber about unturned, I started watching videos and learning all the basics of the game, and then I made a steam account and downloaded unturned.


@Sgt.Bacon @Misterl212 Same, YouTube brought me to Unturned.


What can I say? I am a cheap person. I was just browsing Free-To-Play when I found it. Best decision I ever made.


My friend’s brother told him about it the day it came out, so a few days later I went over to his house and played it for hours. We kept trying to find a car to go on “road trips”, and would keep running out of gas.


saw pewdiepie play it, thought it looked cool, didn’t know it was free so i watched a streamer play it, asked how much it was, he said “Oh, it’s free on steam,” so i downloaded it, pretty simple.


It was mid 2014

I was at my friend’s.
We wanted to watch something on youtube, he found gameplay of this game.
We downloaded it and played


When I just got Steam (because I had been following Rust for a while before that), I was browsing the F2P section of the store for games I could play while I waited for my first Steam card.

Naturally Unturned (in its infancy 2.0 stage) popped up in “Most Popular”, and since I had a newfound fondness to survival games, I tried it out.

Best decision I ever made.