How did you find out about Unturned?


I watched a youtube video, the guy in the video was using the katana. I really liked it… aaand i’m here.


Deadzone on roblox. I was upset that it got deleted. So when i found out that deadzone zackzack made a new game i started playing Unturned.


Youtube. After a couple months I actually got it, a day after hawaii was released. Now with 800+ hours. Still not as high as Terraria, with almost 1200 hours. Same youtuber introduced me to “My Summer Car”.


I found out when I’m no longer turned on :wink:


This is a story of ancient time, before unturned 3.0 but after 1.0, I don’t remember when I started but I know it was due to mine brother however, when 3.0 come out I didn’t get the update so I played 2.0 during 3.0 until mine brother’s help, but there was big gap when I played. Now I only want to achive the special beret from @SDGNelson


Not really that ancient :wink:


I know TheMicBrothers that played during 1.0 and early 2.0 before the Steam release, but never heard of the “mine brother”

Edit: I’m dumb, you were talking about your brother, right ?


@Oyamat - yeah mine brother
@Yarrrr - shh…


Just to clarify since you’ve done it a few times and it has confused people a couple times: it should be “my brother,” not “mine brother.” “Mine” is a pronoun, and “my” is an adjective.


I had played 2.0 very…sparingly. Only found out about 3.0 when they showed me. They taught me the basics, how to scavenge, survive, and thrive. Looking back my first achievement was October 4th of 2015.


I saw a YouTuber called jacksepticeye play it back in 2.0 and I liked it so I played it a bit but then I only had a laptop to the fps was bad so I left it and then when I got my PC in 3.0 I started playing it like everyday and now I have like over 800 hrs


I found it in steam, the 2.0 i think is a shooter the fist time i played, ammo out, zombies and food and water, too hard, a friend teach me how play it i take tje hand of the game and 1 week later, the operationmapleleaf was announced and that is a game is converted in a drug for me


How I found out about Unturned.

Every day afterschool I would call a bunch of friends via phone, and play DEADZONE, which was a popular game on ROBLOX, made by DeadzoneZackZak (Nelson Sexton). From combat loggers, ghillie snipers on every hill, and poptarts. The game was absolutely insane (in a good way) from something that looks mediocre and simple. Then after a couple of years of ROBLOX still messing up the game scripts with their pointless updates, and Nelson getting banned for simply recording a conversation with ROBLOX Staff and rival game creators of “Apocalypse Rising”, Nelson finally quit to make his own independent game.

“Unturned” he called it, he put it on the descripting of the DEADZONE game, and shut it down, so nobody would be able to play. We were so devastated, how long it took for us to get all the gear, and where it would go now that the server is closed forever.

A bunch of my friend quit, and only two of us in the next year considered playing Unturned, we didn’t at first, since we didn’t want to download Steam. 2.0, we started playing on a private server, since we didn’t want to interfere with the community, and we made huge bases with the building system DEADZONE didn’t have. We convinced a few friends from ROBLOX to download Steam, Unturned and to join our server, which only 3 did. We were so impressed about how better it was, and especially how you could talk holding down “ALT” so people wouldn’t always have to press “/” to chat.
Then Unturned 3.0 came out, and we started shooting eachother, not knowing what team we’re in, and shooting people for a simple bottled water.

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I remember of how I got introduced to Unturned, then my mother took away my computer for 3 months, and I almost hated her. Thankfully it got my grades to rise up, and when I returned to Unturned, I was unfriended, and ignored when I tried to contact them, I should’ve known those darn ROBLOXians had no souls!

I’m very excited for 4.0, and I thank Nelson for making games that keep me going. If it weren’t for a truly addicting game that would make me shut up and keep me distracted from absorbing more fake news, I probably would’ve been a raving atheistic left-winger who thinks Donald Trump is like Hitler, lol.
(Reason being is because I watched a dangerous amount of CNN, MSNBC, and Time Warner Cable News, during my lifetime in NY.)


And that’s how I found out about Unturned.


In March 2015, my friend was like: “Hey look at this game its free”
And I’m like “cool”
I still remember my first time playing, when I was endlessly chased by a zombie.


Unturned Morons by Jerma985


The way I found out about Unturned was I was looking for games that could run, as I had a Mac at the time. So I found Unturned, I looked it up, watched an hour or so of gameplay, went straight back to Steam, downloaded it, and started playing.


Well, I was a PaulSoaresJr fanboy, (and still sorta am, won’t lie.) and he found out about Unturned, and so I followed his footsteps. I got the game in early 2.0, bought the gold upgrade, and I’ve been here ever since. :^)


This is a long story. My friend told me one time to play unturned with him so I did, and we played it like hell until I had maybe 1000 hours, and we had a school project coming up to replicate a book in a scene of art, so I use the Unturned map editor. I began making maps and I was almost obsessed with it. I kept on making them and one Day I wanted to figure out how to mod. I caught on pretty quickly and eventually I was invited to the modject where I learned even more. I heard about a project being worked on I decided to join, That project I joined eventually was curated. It’s kind of crazy how I got here.


I got my first laptop for my birthday, and me and my bro were browsing Steam looking for free games. We saw Unturned and thought "Hey, that looks promising!’. We got in and i played a few minutes and we both instantly fell in love with it.

Fun fact: My brother whom fell in love with it with me no longer likes Unturned, and couldn’t care less about 4.x, which i’m very mad at him about. He wasn’t even impressed by The Road! >:C

Other fun fact: I learned about Steam by accidentally clicking the ad to Surgeon Simulator’s greenlight page. So if i hadn’t downloaded that old, stupid version of surgeon simulator, i may have never played Unturned.