How do I turn all (or most) of the zombies to a specific type of zombie just in 1 area


Like burners in Cologne, or spirits in abandon castles.


Make a custom difficulty setting for that nav area, then change the difficulty settings as you please to adjust how zombies spawn and plop in the area’s Nav ID.


Oh… Huh, Welp, thanks again.


Wait a minute…

How do you make or adjust that?
Like maybe all spitters? or such, does it like randomly put GUID numbers into it, or do you have to make another file with a custom difficulty settings?


Here’s an example, from Ireland:

	"GUID" "e5da444e002a4d7f8cc0b2f2263d681d"
	"Type" "SDG.Unturned.ZombieDifficultyAsset, Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"
	"ID" "0"
	"Crawler_Chance" "0"
	"Sprinter_Chance" "0"
	"Flanker_Chance" "0"
	"Burner_Chance" "0"
	"Acid_Chance" "0"
	"Boss_Electric_Chance" "0"
	"Boss_Wind_Chance" "0"
	"Boss_Fire_Chance" "0"
	"Spirit_Chance" "1"

The file goes in …\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Maps…\Bundles\Assets\Zombie_Difficulty and is titled whatever you want to call it (such as Cliffs_Spirit_Chance).

The settings are relatively self-explanatory, as it’s the same settings from the Gameplay Config. 1 = 100%. 0 = 0%.

I’d assume that, as always, the GUID is automatically generated (don’t listen to people who say to make your own) whenever the field is empty.

“ID” should be the Nav idea of the area you want to affect.

Although it doesn’t show it here, Boss_Nuclear should also be valid.