How Loyal Are you?



Which game would you like to see more?

  • Half-Life 3
  • Unturned 4.0

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Unturned II is going to be a thing and quite “soon”

So HL3 !


Honestly, I have no more expectations for Unturned 3 anymore


i think we all know HL3 is dead at this point


We already have Half Life 3.

It’s called Episode 1.

And we also have Half Life 4.

It’s called Episode 2.



ahh i understanded


All out Unurned 4.0…though I’m not that excited about the new game move.


I didn’t play HL even.


But single-player games are dead so we obviously cannot choose HL3. /s


HL3 is something that can only exist on another dimension, in the same dimension that the cure for cancer exist.


Tbh, like the cure for cancer, the wealthy illuminati nolsinic overlords are suppressing it from the public eye.

And you don’t know the half-life of it.


y’all realise hl3 is pretty much released yes?


I hate you forever now


Aww… You hate me…

How sweet!:hugs::hearts::heartpulse:


The Creator of the HL3 history leave valve and say HL3 never comes out, BUT a little company are creating Project Borealis, is hl3 bassed in the history of the screenwriter of valve.