How should PvE and PvP co-exist?


literally. making the game more beautiful/PvE focused isn’t going to stop micspamming 8 year olds from playing the game and killing people.

However, it could function the same as in 3.0. there’s no way to really manipulate that without it being tedious and stupid


Hinder, but not completely stop

That’s something that would obviously prevail regardless of how much is done to prevent it


True, but it’ll be hard to do and end up pissing people off


We already know UII is headed in the direction of a hardcore survival game.

Simply make it so that the environment is so much of a threat that players seriously need to reconsider engaging in a fight. (Which is already going to happen.)


It will never.

You can only have one or the other per server.


I’d say the best way to prevent KOS would be to have large maps (relative to the player count) with open lines of sight (relative to the effective ranges of the weapons.) You’re less likely to get swarmed or snuck up on if there’s only a few people to pay attention to, and there’s no way you can KOS if people are too far to kill when you first see them.


I don’t feel like that will prevent it.
It’ll just take longer for people to kill eachother.
(IE Germany and Russia, but all you see is PEI and Washington servers because potato users dominating the scene.)

I hate to be that guy but theres nothing anyone can do to stop KOS. As long as people have the ability to kill, they will… and because they can, they have to.


If that’s the case, many people would consider the option of hunting you down instead. Trust me when I say that wouldn’t solve anything.


The goal is to stop brainless PvP and senseless KoS, which is harder considering the kind of audience that Unturned draws. However, it’s wrong to say that all the KoS problem is because most of Unturned’s audience is below 13, as I’ve seen guys of 16 and even older being dumb happy triggers, even at the point of hunting down freshpawns across the whole damn map.

Ok, now is when I say: take your goth stuff out of this place!

Jokes aside, have you even wondered why currently the game is “Call of Turned”? It’s because the survival field in the game itself is nearly a joke, and frankly very easy to surpass, then PvP content becomes very notable (huge variety of guns, mega-zombies drops, horde beacons, weapons airdrops…). Then some players get to find another challenge and many possibilities in their hands, mostly in a bad way, and start messing with people and fucking around at other’s expenses just for the sake of seeing some “action”, at the point that they end believing that PvP is the main purpose of the game.

You know what makes me mad? That there’s sh*thead people in Unturned that actually believes that people who doesn’t spend 99% of their time killing others (wether they don’t like to do it nor having that much possibilities) “are noobs that doesn’t know how to play”… It’s even more dumb when I see these PvP servers that are to the top of rocket plugins n’ shit like that, which offers absolute absurd advantages, and only works to maintain such a toxic playerbase.

Something some people must understand here is that in Unturned people doesn’t kill because “they have to” (which would be the case gameplay wise), but because people has a mental dung based on that you have to shoot barely anything in your way to be #1 in the game, and that’s exactly what so many of us don’t want to see in UII.


I actually am a proud goth irl by the way.

Also, yes I acknowledge that the playerbase is extremely toxic and hellbent on killing eachother.
I’ve played the game extensively, and I’ve seen it all first hand.
The toxicity gets so bad at some points it was enough to drive my friends away from the game.

My phrase “They will… and because they can, they have to.” was more of a poetic way of saying.
“They kill people because they want to, and won’t stop.”

I, like most other people in the forums wish this wasn’t the case.
You can’t change people, and this is why I treat the situation with such reluctance and hopelessness.


But you can change the game, and if you do it right, you can change the way people sees and plays it.


It’ll never happen pal.

If it does, I will jump in a lake.
Nelson sealed the fate of this game when he chose his target audience to be “Everybody”

In turn, everyone will come. And there are a lot of nasty people in the world friend. Its just unavoidable.


Only thing that matters is that the PvE side of the new game would be interesting compared to the current game, where it’s bland and gets boring after playing for a while unless you have some creative mind

No guarantees though. Depends how well he made the game


Tell me to go shoot myself again. I’ll flag you in an instant and get Reaver in here.
I’m being realistic here, as Yarrrr said I hope Nelson makes the PvE mode exciting so not everyone flocks to PvP servers.


I was joking mate :unamused:

And yes, we finally got positive; the beta hasn’t even come out and there’s already people killing the hype. We can’t just go like that dude :confused:


Ah I gotcha dude.

Sorry if I sound pretty moroose at times, but its this way I can’t be dissapointed when it does come out.
You feel me holmes?


:wind_face: You’re alone matey…

Says the wind, not me, lol :b


Wow. Great speech! Just to add on to your point, they all steal their moms credit card and buy the most expensive mythical on the market. Then, they call people who don’t have mtyhicals n00bs, even if the no-shows n is dominating them. (Btw, never call someone a nope unless they are a NEW PLAYER. Just because you kill someone who is dominating you doesn’t mean you call them a noob).


I usually call N people who go stupidly wrong or mean in a game, no matter how experience they have, lol. Leaded by this logic, I say with property that many OP KoSers are noobs.


Basically, there are multiple ways for this to happen. What i talked about in my previous comment, as well as making every resource scarce. So that you’ll have to make each shot count, instead of 3.x’s "Get an ammo box, fill your 6 mags that you found in 1 trip to the military base, and keep on spraying till you hit the target enough times till they’re dead. But when you have 5 bullets only and you can’t find as much ammo, then you’re either gonna shoot and not hit enough times so you’ll end up hunted and dead, or you’re gonna be a bit lucky and manage to kill the target.

I honestly want the hit marker to go, because this is one thing that resembles CoD. Why? Because when a player gets that red hitmarker (headshot), then this will act as a motovation to keep on shooting because in their mind is “I shot his head, he is definitely lit, so let me finish the job”. This will force people to be extremely careful and not knowing how much damage they dealt in order to have no second thoughts when retreating.

But i would like the hit registration to make a sound so that crossbows won’t be completely useless