How (un)organized is your desktop?


oof ouch owie my eyes


if you darken the screen, you can see the soviet symbol




i usually don’t have my games as a shortcut on my desktop unless it isn’t steam
too lazy to change desktop background so i’m using the void itself as my background


I always have no icons enabled on my desktop, since I like to have a neutral background in case I tab out in streams for example and because I have all my stuff stored on my desktop, so yeah it looks scary if I have them enabled. Also using wallpaper engine to make the wallpaper dynamic ^^



I basically don’t even use the desktop icons so I should probably do the same thing. I have game shortcuts but ill be damned if I ever click em.


I dont even have my taskbar on my main monitor, I have it on the right side of my second monitor, so its easy accessable and clean


Isn’t it on the left side on the shot?


The taskbar is on my second monitor to the right. My second monitor is on the left and my main on the right. A bit confusing ik


I do this to, problem is how rarely I delete downloaded images and files from my desktop




I see you have Obama pic.



background by mtn


Download link!?


i use a wallpaper engine
but here is the link to it


Thank you my kind sir!