How Zombies Could Possibly Survive


lets all check this out.


so, I guess technically your both correct.


But as always, I’m the more moster correcterestiest.


Zombies (as you see them in pop culture and games like Unturned) are fictional for a reason.

Don’t think too hard about realism.


My opinion is clearly more objectively superior then yours. You’ll just have to accept that.


No, You must do that.


Look. We get it, you’re curious about how these thing works. But truth have been told that the more we talking about it the less charm it has.

Unturned isn’t the game were you’re going to be a detective. You’re a survivor. Your job is to survive. You can care about the pass but that’s not the main goal.

We should just ignore little bits-and-bobs and just enjoy the game. This isn’t a science class. This is a game.


I’m not sure this post is actually a suggestion for a change to any version of Unturned. It certainly wasn’t categorized as such.