HUD Concept (U3 screenshot for lack of any decent 4.0 footage)


actually not really because it shows that nelson likes to fuck with firemodes to the nth degree


I’m surprised nobody has done a temperature bar on their UIs yet, tbh. I would be severely disappointed if temperature wasn’t dynamic.


Good ideia, maybe I add something like that later


Actually, it has the same size of 3.x’s hud


I think that should be an inventory screen thing, right next to the weight being carried.


Uhh, Unturned is an FPS.


I don’t agree with that, it is a status just like hungry, it should be in the hud


but the hud already has enough stuff, and also, it’s not something you need to keep track of that frequently.


Assuming you’re not making a PvP-fest joke about Unturned 3, Unturned is a survival game. It’s not CS:GO nor TF2 nor Overwatch. My main criticism for your concept art is that it deeply reminds me of every minimalist color-coded TF2 HUD ever. While it’s not bad just because it reminds me of that, the right half specifically just doesn’t fit in my opinion (and I’m a bit split about the faded shadow/border around everything).

What’s the point to the top-right section? Is it just showing your hotkeys? It’s a lot of space to take up for that, and it makes me wonder about things besides your primary/secondary weapon.

The bottom-right looks like you were trying to make all the text end at the same place. While it’s fancy and nice to look at, it doesn’t make sense when trying to accommodate anything besides what’s being used for the example. What about “Safety” or “Burst?” The text won’t line up like it does at the moment. (tl;dr: it’s just not modular enough) Nor would it if there was a longer magazine attachment name. With longer magazine attachment names, the text either sticks out far to the left, or it would have to line break. (The magazine attachment thing is really minor though, would be easier to remedy in some way, and I generally prefer to the other concept art’s that ended up running out of room.)

Now, one thing that is more of my own fault, I originally mistook the blue color on “Military Magazine” to be blue just because of color-coding it. I’m assuming it’s actually blue because of the magazine attachment’s rarity in Unturned 3. I’m not sure if you purposefully changed the color be more saturated, but I’m going to list all the HEX values somewhere below.

Admittedly it’s just concept art, but it has its faults that, in my opinion, make it look like it’d suit a different genre, or be better as a HUD mod. 4.x is striving to be PvE-oriented. This makes me imagine some sort of PUBG–DayZ–Overwatch hybrid.


EDIT: to clarify, I am talking about body temperature being on the HUD. Environmental temperature I care far less about. It can be tacked on to a thermometer or something, but it generally isn’t relevant to my suggestion. </end edit>

Completely disagree. On maps like Yukon, or a map where heat is a predominant issue, it’d be incredibly important. If rain, time of day, and/or swimming affected temperature you’d want to know. If it was like Antique where you’d easily die of temperature at any second because of entering a vehicle with clothing on, you’d really want to know.

If temperature was not something important enough that you’d want to be aware of it, then it shouldn’t even be in the game at that point.

Why does oxygen have its own bar but not temperature? Oxygen is far less important at any given moment than temperature would be, and in the Unturned 4.x concepts and in Unturned 3 it takes up a lot of space. If we want to remove clutter off the main HUD, then oxygen could just become a pop-up somewhere whenever it’s not 100%. The only time it changes (and is actually needed to be watched) is when underwater (or when steadying your aim, although that won’t kill you).

Game should fully commit at that point, or reconsider everything. :man_shrugging: In Unturned 3, temperature is not important. It’s an incredibly basic system limited to very few official maps, even less excluding event-exclusives. It has been implied that 4.x will have a less rudimentary temperature system, so I think it’s fair for concept art to accommodate that.

Although the Trello wishlist is not an actual roadmap of confirmed features or mechanics, here’s something from it to help build people’s thoughts around how to implement it into a HUD:

  • “less binary than freezing/burning”
  • “wetness lowers temperature especially when not clothed”

Just realized that your monitor is only 1366x768. Mine is larger, so the UI appears smaller than that for me, RIP. Need proper UI resizing in 4.x, not sure how some of the really small monitors even manage.

HEX values for Unturned 3's current rarities
  • Achievement = FA6419
  • Common = FFFFFF
  • Uncommon = 1F871F
  • Rare = 4B64FA
    • Rare Workshop
  • Epic = 964BFA
    • Epic Workshop
  • Legendary = C832FA
    • Legendary Workshop
  • Mythical = FA3219
    • Mythical Workshop
  • Premium = 64C819
    • Premium Workshop
  • Gold = D2BF22
    • Box
    • Present
    • Key
  • Mod = 00FFFF
  • Twitch = 6441A5
  • BattlEye = FFED00
  • Experienced = D78B1E
  • Debugger = 9A3E97
  • White = D5D5D5


or MAYBE there could be a few choice UI huds for players to choose from


Just to clarify, initially it wasn’t my intent to add a shadow under the HUD, but people started to point out it blended too much with the background.


Oooh! You just gave me an idea.

Similar to other games that I have forgotten the names of, Nelson could implement a new type of Workshop item that allows players to customize their UIs without completely changing them to gain an edge over the opponent. What I’m thinking is simple decorations to the UI like flowers, UI backgrounds, whatever.


bit too much for me


IMO it’s taking up too much screen space.


You would probably be able adjust HUD size. Since the image (posted months ago) posted isn’t full screen, it makes sense that the HUD was enlarged for legibility.


my congratulations you make a piece of shit!
i´m joking good work.
but you dont believe it’s very “alive” dont have the “macabre theme”

i have a litle suggestions about the weapon and the bullets, i like the “Menu” of 3.0 maybe the bullets and the mode of weapon should be next to the menu.


It’s still a big chunk of data, shouldn’t be like this. It should show as much as is needed. You don’t need to see oxygen all the time. Same goes for radiation. The visuals aren’t bad - it’s just that the design is inconvenient.
Also the weapon info is very hard to read, imagine scaling this down :confused:


I’m reading on my phone, and it’s still not too small. The only complaint I have is that the firemode is the same size and location as the cartridge designation.


I think that looks pretty good. I can’t think how to improve it and something similar should definitely be in the game.


I don’t think oxygen, radiation and stamina should show on status bar.
You would know your character had little oxygen/stamina by gasping for air and breathing faster.
For radiation, your character would cough blood, puke, get nausea, choke etc
Also jumping should no longer require stamina but depending on your stamina the higher/lower you would jump.