I discovered mobile integration for the SDG Forums


https://drive.google .com/file/d/1D0V2g-pRP20LOwyUwZlfxDhQOx6mnl0b/view

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I have no idea how I did this, but I though you might be interested that this forum supports full mobile integration despite not having its own app in the store. Some of you might already know about this, but I personally found it very interesting and convenient.

Edit: the video clip seems to not be working: you can either view it in Chrome or download the mp4

Edit #2: the forum doesn’t support mp4 so I’m working on fixing the video link


Well, i can say it’s not new to me because since I go here so much, the browser asked to make a homepage shit. Makes everything easier.


All I had to do was go to chrome (I’m on Android) and it said:“do you want to create a home screen shortcut?” Which I thought would be a link for the webpage, but it is it’s own app. Idk


It’s not an app, it’s just a website that is on your homescreen in the shape of an app