I think I need to fill the tank of my .... Horse?!


I think the problem here is that some people have gone way over the top for this horse suggestion.


Just like you said, and just like all the other animals, let’s make the animals self-sustained. However, sugarcubes, carrots, and all that will be used to train and tame them. Horses won’t run away if you approach them, but if you do anything, they’ll sprint. Hay and the like can be used to grow a bond before you are able to ride them


I thought of a system like a full moon of ps2 in which you leave the animals in the pasture during the spring, summer, fall, but in the winter you need to put them in a stable giving food everyday if not it will get sick and die , in the winter to illustrate a migration of horses I think they should not be found.




i guess its cool but i mean i dont think horses would really fit into a game like that


But they are already confirmed Nelson spoke on trello and confirmed on devlog # 15 :neutral_face:


well…ok then



Horse Physics 101


Please keep it relevant to the discussion.


It is relevant


5:07 and 5;15 are relevant is supremely relevant


Please stop making


multiple comments when just one will suffice

(and shitposts/gags about unironically bad horse physics do not belong in a legitimate discussion on how horses will mechanically and practically work in UII. We’re outside of #memes, put on your big boy pants)