Idea for PvP - get rid of the senseless killing!


i mean
please tell me why PvP is “senseless killing”? isn’t that kind of the point? player versus player? personally I think this idea would just ruin PvP all together. Hell, this isn’t even PvP in the traditional sense, so
no, just no


In the ship its done as follows: You only know the name of whom you are supposed to kill. Lets say pllayer A. If any other player meets player A, then player A’s position is roughly shown on the map. As soon as you yourself meet Player A, you are also given a thumbnail image of what A looks like. Then its easier to recognize A later. (Since you are sometimes in ‘policed’ rooms where you can’t kill.)

I didn’t explain all the inn’s and outs of how the ship has done it as I wanted to get a general Idea of what people think of a sort of PvP restriction. Which has been rather negative I guess.


I think this sounds more fitted with a “Spy assassination or detective” game more than a survival game.