Ideas For Police Related Items and Vehicles



because why?


because fast cars aren’t too good in a survival game, like muscle cars and supercars


it’s honestly just supposed to be somewhat able to keep up with the faster cars in the game


but it doesn’t need to be a muscle car, maybe something a little slower


What’s so bad about muscle cars (except fuel economy)? :3

PS. About fuel economy:

PS2. Big city/town on a really huge map, barricaded from zombies, having police, army, civilians, scavengers, and otter zombie survivors. Don’t need to just build tree-houses, zombie survival can fit a micro-civilisation of survivors with their own captured city/town and jobs to keep city/town running.


no dude, why do you want incredibly impractical gas-guzzling cars in a survival game? how about humble, regular cars that serve an actual purpose

also hummers are ugly


Why everything in a survival game must be practical? Player should have a skill (not in-game skill, real one) to divide trash or impractical things from the ones he need (something can be practical, but player don’t even need it all the time)?
Why idea that everything “impractical” (not everyone defines “practicality” in the same way) is magically removed from the world when apocalypse happens?
Why the idea that someone will not use muscle cars and otter impractical things in apocalypse anyway, because they want to/need to?
Also you don’t need to run muscle car if you don’t want to, you can just remove tires from it and install them in a car that you want to, which lacks of unbroken tires.

PS. Tell me about tank’s “fuel-guzzling” (so what that it have cannon. It’s fuel-guzzling after all).

PS2. You said “survival”, no “zombie survival”.
Ever heard of Mad Max 2?

Yea, i know, it’s just a movie. But you know? Unturned it’s just a game :3
And survivors group had their own oil refinery complex, and we have that in Unt too (Unturned also have infinite fuel resources).


yeah, but those were actually cool and apocalypse wastelandy
not police hummer

Don't you worry, police Hummer pic was used just for a joke about fuel usage.
It don't need to be a police one. It can be civilian version :3

Or army one.


eh, ok. but I think really fast cars, supercars and stuff shouldn’t be added, because they’re kinda op and don’t really serve much of a purpose. they seem kinda out of place in a game about zombie survival, shiny fast sportscars and stuff


I agree
The thing that makes a sports cool is the way it looks
And I can’t imagine a shiny (doesn’t have a dent in it) sports car plowing zombies
Like a muscle car fits more in then a supercar or sports car

My opinion


yeah, i think so too. perhaps kinda armoured up


why don’t we go the project zomboid route, where instead of having a fast car, a strong car, and so on, have like 20 cars that are all a mix inbetween, with the fastest ones being something like a Chevalier Cossette that’s just a 90s sportscar?


i like that idea, maybe with more customisation options though, like putting canopies on etc


No they are balanced. Super cars are flashy and fast but on broken and unkept roads and off road they are trash. Balanced but fun.
I think you have been convinced about the greatness of muscle cars.


Umm no let’s go the unturned route


warrior if we do go the 3.0 unturned route, you’ll be ignoring every instance of nelson saying he wants II to be a survival game, and 3.0 is a x10 loot pvpfes right now, let’s NOT go the unturned route

also, project zomboid is debatably one of the most realistic zombie survival games out there, so yes, I’d say we should go the zomboid route


Oof, if you like project zombiod so much play that insteed.
This is Unturned, I dosnt have to go down any route. It can go down its own.


High reflexion vest…
Sir we need that in Unturned for France map :


lets not go the miniguns and bugattis route no thanks