I'm new to the forums, just wanted to introduce myself


why did the font change





Now it’s rather native of you to suddenly say that you’re new here. And if you were to do this in the steam forum. People probably going to say “noone cares.” Not here tho.

Anyhow, I like to post bad memes be here I guess. Ok bye.


Hello! Welcome to the SDG Forums - the innermost circle of the Unturned community.

I’m one of the top three users here by all-time like count forum activity and a veteran like everyone else. I mostly do in-depth suggestions and concept posts for 4.x, but I also do specialty content like pixel art occasionally. Some of us at the SDG Forums also like to brag about being superior to the other forums, since a far higher percentage of active users here are pretty mature/knowledgeable.

Here’s an obligatory link to my official unofficial guide that will help you get familiar with the SDG Forums a little bit faster.

Also @Aj_Gaming I was the first non-staff member in the entire forum to get a golden badge, get one-upped


I cri everi time


Actually @danaby2 was the first one :wink:



A little bit of self advertisement, i see :stuck_out_tongue:
Respectable tho, i would’ve done the same xD


hahahah wed epic


golden wed



epic games, where games are epicness


people new to the forum be like


If y’all bragging then I might as well mention I was the first person to receive regular!

(outside of staff and nelson)



this is america


But Nelson makes perfect games, where nothing of this world can best them.

For hollowed is his name.


Unturned isn’t a prefect game.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have a sequal of a sequal of a sequal of a sequal. (Fourth seaquail?)

Also explain minecraft /s


Thank you for the kind words, sorry if introducing myself is weird, just felt it would be a good idea.


Welcome, I’m putin3d. An unturned modeler, creator of the eft mod for unturned. I also make pretty shit suggestions or suggestions that were already said.


Hi, I’m just a shit head going around…