Increase cars to realistic speed/Different gears


In Unturned the maps are pretty small which makes this not very noticeable,
but in 3.0 cars go really slow going at about 70 Kph or 43 Mph. That’s better than walking, but your average Sedan can max at about 193 Kph or 120 Mph.
However in 3.0 this was impossible due to cars doing this
I just turned it into a Lowrider


I think that with the new handling system the speed will be increased. Because yes the speed of a lot of the vehicles is quite slow. I’d love to see a sedan going about 100kph.


I’m going to point you to my very detailed Vehicle Overhaul for 4.0 from months ago. Ideally I would like to see real top speeds, but also non-linear acceleration.


I love your ideas but there should be some sort of manual in the settings for the cars ha ha. this should definitely be added though.


Go talk about realism
A car with 30Km per hour and a shock in a object maybe KILL YOU!!!

but yes the map size realy is very small


The problem with speedcars (at least in 3.0) is that it’s hard to turn while at full speed, and there’s isn’t enough road to make it viable. (Talking about straight roads. Not curvy roads like in any large nor medium size maps)

Also. We need to add a better physics to vehicles in 4.0 (so we can no longer driven down the cliff.)


Dont add gears it is a BAD IDEA


Care to elaborate?


yes I agree, care to elaborate?


It is not a parking simulator


What does that have to do with anything?

You realize gear shifting is mostly used for forward acceleration in normal driving, and not parking, right?


So gears in cars are used for parking only ? Please, list out reasons as to why you don’t want this in the game and be reasonable.


I’d love to see gear shifting myself, but would there be both stick shift (Better offroad, easier to maintain, more reliable) and automatic (easier to use, allows one-handed driving and acceleration, but harder to maintain and not as reliable) transmissions as well? I understand that this is a big undertaking, along with entirely redoing Unturned to Unturned 4.0, yes, but having manual and automatic transmissions would be neat. That being said, I’m not entirely sure how the controls for those would work.


Back when this post was relevant, I linked my previous Vehicle Overhaul suggestion thread that I made almost a year ago. I’d advise taking a look, as you might find something you like.