Ireland Map objects?


Keep in mind, It depends on if Storm_Epidemic is ok with it or not. Danaby is a casual guy, probably won’t really care. As a team member, I’d refuse, but he’s the main guy, so if you want permission, go up to him.


how am I not acting mature. please tell me. and I only used the bunker arena objects since someone had uploaded them to the workshop. Again, please tell me how im being immature, Im not cursing at you, or saying random stupid things, or calling you random crap hoping it will make you angry. Ive stayed calm here and yet everyone is saying im immature. Im done. I cant stand this anymore. goodnight.


actually, now that I think about it. the only person ive ever actually got mad at on this forum is the person who tried to threaten Nelson into unbanning him. welp goodnight


I responded to this issue in PM’s between myself and Aj_Gaming. Consider this thread basically closed.

For reference : Please do not upload my objects to the workshop, patiently wait until the map leaves curation and I will upload them along with the Ireland map to the workshop.


When the map goes on the workshop, just download it and dont play them map. You will have access to the items from it.


Oh im still going to play the map, Also @Storm_Epidemic thanks for explaining it all! And thanks for making the Ireland map!