Is there any support for vehicles as a quest reward?


I am currently working on some NPC concept designs to be eventually added into a map and I wanted to make one give you a vehicle as a quest reward, but is this possible? I know it is possible to sell them but is it possible to reward one?


Surely it has to be, considering an NPC does this in the vanilla game to reward you with a Fighter Jet.

(Also, several other NPCs from other maps such as Greece.)


I always thought the russian npc just had an excpetion in the code as I could never find the parameters online. (Ive never done the greece questline in full)

// Coalition quests completed
Reward_3_Type Flag_Short
Reward_3_ID 13
Reward_3_Value 1
Reward_3_Modification Increment
Reward_4_Type Vehicle
Reward_4_ID 140
Reward_4_Spawnpoint Liberator_Jet