Kicking it up a notch [Kuwait Map "Blog"]



To start off, The version of Kuwait that’s on the workshop will be deleted on the 7th of July. Keep in mind I’m obviously going to reupload it with tonnes more content/scenery when the time is right.

Some stuff I wanted to start off with was the 4.0 Models I made, I decided to test them out in 3.0 and to be honest, they flat out look much better than the older models which looked like playthings in comparison, and many others agree with me on that. (Pictured below)

(Burj Al Hamra Model is currently buggy so I sadly don't have an up to date photo of it in game.)
Then there’s also the nature aspect of Kuwait which I also don’t want to show off because of it being incomplete and also because I don’t want to generate too much hype.
Hype destroys my map and self esteem

Generally though, the map is getting expanded upon which it very much needed, everything is getting more lively in terms of locations and objects, I’m also working towards it feeling and playing out like or perhaps even better than official and curated maps.

Have a nice existence, Animatic.


[Insert Hype Here]


Thank you Animatic, Very cool!


haha arab spring am i right get it bros


no hype please strictly forbidden


Is snowy Kuwait dream coming to reality tho’? :thinking:

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Come December it will start raining in Kuwait; possibly transforming the landscape.