Lakehead Region v 1.0 Map now available in Steam Workshop


Large map featuring North-Western Ontario, Canada, on the shores of Lake Superior.

The region contains a mix of rural areas, a few small towns, and the large port city of Thunder Bay. The rugged Canadian Shield is covered by an expanse of boreal forest containing numerous camps for recreation and resource extraction.


  • 41 Unique NPCs offering 37 Quests and 8 Vendors
  • Multiple Camps, Mines, Fishing & Hunting Lodges
  • 12+ Farms
  • Very Large City, 3 Big Towns, 1 Small Town and 14 Villages
  • 2 Airports, 2 Marinas
  • 4 Military Locations (Limited Size)
  • Unique Biomes (Logging Area, Forest Fire Area, Wetlands)
  • Multiple Safe Zones
  • Localized Storyline


Looks very cool. it’s also the proof that you don’t need some new fancy landscape texture colors to make a good map in 2018. GJ


Thanks. I did it all myself… so it took a long time considering I work full time, and have other hobbies too.


I sure hope you have other hobbies. Anyone who doesn’t do anything but make Unturned maps could be certifiably insane. If this is your first map, you did pretty well!


If I was independently wealthy I would have more time to dedicate to game development and mods.

Who knows maybe I’ll win tonight’s LottoMax… right?