Leaked cut footage of the new vehicle devlog



also being offended by a joke doesn’t mean nobody can find it funny, it just means you don’t like the joke

the minute you accept that is the minute you stop being bothered by things like people laughing at 9/11 jokes


Well we can’t joke about an event in which a couple thousand people died? Then we can’t either joke about WW2 or communism, pretty sure they killed thousands upon thousands more than 9/11…


The joke isn’t about the tragedy of 9/11 it’s about the taboo and the fact that it’s a reference that everyone is in on.


911 what your emergency

Were crashing mayday


hello yes 9.11 we have an issue
ther’es a radical dude in the building :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


it’s also about the utter absurdity of the thought of a car having been used to commit 9/11


9/11 wasn’t that bad! is pretty forgivable.
Look, NATO is even helping HTS to fight against the Syrian regime!
(HTS is an Al-Qaeda branch)

That is pretty sad do


beep beep :sunglasses:


No matter how 9/11 ranks up to other atrocities, committed by us or anyone else doesn’t matter, loss of civilian life is still loss of civilian life. On top of that I dont think a unturned forum is the right place to discuss the US’s involvement in the middle east, or other bad things that have happened in history…

At the end of the day, its just not all that funny. The meme doesn’t have much comedic value, and the only reason people find “edgy” humor funny can be compared to telling a little kid not do something, they only do it because they have been told not to. Also having a post like this is how you get something locked lol


Jesus Christ


Are we really getting into a 9/11 topic on a videogame forum?


looks like it


yes because it’s absurd


Exactly that’s the whole joke


The comment above is directed towards aj


i really don’t get the big deal over this in all fairness

9/11 memes are nothing new and something that is obviously just a light-hearted joke about a dark subject should not really be triggering a massive debate on the morals of dark humour

but at the end of the day there’s really only one thing that needs to be said on the issue:



Im on the bus and there is a lady behind me coughing really loudly


Humor will remain humor. A joke is a joke and this post clearly was one, everyone should take it and treat it like a joke rather than getting butthurt over it.