Lets start an argument



Isn’t your face stupid in the first place?


damn im gone for 12 hours and you idiots started an argument without?


Now, my face is bootyful, so bootyful if I showed it to vermin like u, you would all die from its amazingnes XD


I believe the world is flat, prove me wrong.



fite me


No, YOU fite me





I breath fire. Cause, LOGIC


I put down a healing aura, (which was only supposed to be for me) but I heal you two by accident


damage taken because of a glitch


Meanwhile, I’m standing in the background attempting to narrate the entire thing but can’t figure out how to get my mic working again


hey Crunch* anybody want some popcorn to watch this anime movie go down between Crunch* Molt and Aj?


if not i have S T E A M E D-H A M S


I cast ice spell, its highly ineffective. Suddenly, popcorn is raining from the sky.


ohh fuck yeah gimme some of dat shit falllin


then it turns to fireballs. It is ineffective against AJ, but highly effective against others, including spectators.


oof ow my b o n e s


know what, we should make an RPG post, XD


Ok, I will start some Arguments. >:) I will Punch you In ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** and you look like **************************************************************. I hate chat filter .-.


What? What does any of that mean? Is that supposed to be funny? What do you mean, “chat filter?” What is this? Post quality on this site is degrading faster than my mental state.