Lets start an argument



What is the meaning of life? what is meaning of Autism?


Mate, if you’re trying to be funny, you’re really falling flat. I’ve had enough of these bottom of the barrel posts and replies that are looking for nothing but attention. I remember when the actual discussion to terrible “meme” ratio favored the discussions more.


Why isn’t there a dab pose yet? #Immadandneedtodab


Right, so the property of something being “wet” is water molecules existing on the surface of a solid. Water is is not wet as molecules of water are not present on the surface of any liquid, and only solids may be classified as wet.

There. Your argument is solved.


i like how this post was supposed to be about an argument over “water is wet” but then it turns into the random rpg post XP


alright lets make poll if you guys wanna see an rpg post (just comment since polls dont work for me right now :stuck_out_tongue:)


@SteveDream you got the wrong idea, its suppose to be a common argument that everybody knows about… Like the world is flat or water is not wet… i dont know what the chat filter argument is


also im not looking for any attention cause i make these bottom barrel posts


Let’s not make a poll.


So tell me how to be funny?


How bout a poll to not make a poll?


Be Autistic


Not say “lol im austustic xDDDD IM SO RANDOM”

Or just not say anything. That’l also do just fine.


Should pesky make a pole?

  • No
  • nO

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There’s no need to make a poll about making a poll about making a post that’s already been made.


I cast sleep, it only affects myself sue to being already sleepy and I messed up.

But i land in a pile of random broken potions.

OWW cut!

OWW cut!

23% damage has been inflicted

Is bleeding, in potions…


Wait a minute…

i found this guy in real life


and that’s how you win the lottery