Lights deterring zombies



i made a shit drawing that has the following


Maybe this could be achieved simply with a general increase in the difficulty of the zombies and making the night darker (requiring the use of lights or nvg)


Lights should attract the Turned

I agree. Let’s say that during a New Moon, Turned will seek out light like moths in order to possibly find players to infect, making them far more dangerous.


How about they do that every night.


But if we keep it on New Moon nights, that’ll keep it interesting.


It’s more interesting every night


No, it would not, because then players will just adapt to it quicker.

Making it a rare occurrence that the Turned follow light sources makes it different than the norm.


But why would they only head towards it on 1 single night? What’s the difference?

It would be a lot more difficult if they attacked places with light sources every night. Cause then you would have to defend your base every night, unless you want to be blind all night.

Difficulty makes a game somewhat more interesting. Not some super rare event people will forget about.


Making something less often doesn’t increase its difficulty to players at all. I have to side with AJ here - this behaviour should be the same night after night. It would build atmosphere and provide a sense of urgency for players to defend their bases after dark.


How did you manage to make that sound like a bad thing.


He didn’t. He was right.

I just wanted to come up with a way to make other kinds of lunar events that could ramp up the difficulty in game.


he said “I have to side with AJ here” instead of “Im going to side with AJ here”

Thats why I said he made it sound like a bad thing.