List Of Map Suggestions 2


I think map concepts whould be nice.

Not “Ireland” or “Russia”

But rather…

Small major city map, focus on CQC, many deadzones and for skilled survivors label location name here


Island based map, with high priority on water travel, start from the perfect white sandy beaches, then travel deep into volcanos for epic rewards, avoid water hazards in this tropical map insert location name

Anyone else think these kind of map suggestions whould be worlds better?


So basically you just want a map to play on?


Yeah, I think a place like the Grand Canyon or Lima would easily have enough content to fill a map of their own rather than just being locations in Arizona and Perú. I also feel that people (people in general not just content creators) often underestimate how complex and interesting lesser known areas can be too.


Uhhh,yeah,sorry for that,I posted that at 00:30 am and I nearly slept on my keyboard,so,I didn’t really think this trough XD


these are just suggestion, nelson could choose what should do


Ya, i do hopefully


P E I its always been pei


->implying he’ll even care about this post


If I was going to make a survival game like unturned I would make it randomly generated to make maps bigger so we can have more space for bases

also nelson could concentrate more on new features witch is more important than new maps I know that it is hard to do but it is better than 20 maps that divide the community .

It would make people want to explore the map because every time the map is generated differently


Did I just hear procedural generation for maps?

This can’t be true right


Procedural map generation hardly works for big time game developers, him being alone createig the generation (that does not suck/not uninteresting/horrifically bugged) is Basicly impossible.

You’ll need ai for: road placement, zombies, animals, loot, house decor, makeing sure house is placed right, everything placed right, landhight, bodies of water, underground locations (caves are he’ll to make), plants and trees, grass, landscape paint, vehicle gen, decent player spawnpoints, resource nodes, random name generation for map, ambient sound/particles effects, dead zone, darkzone, cities with non-insane layouts, laggggg, lack of exploits, npc’s and there mess, safezones, underwater locations, special zombie spawns, that whole another demension travel thing in 4.0, all going somewhat well.

To make it even somewhat reasonable. And that will be a massive time hog.

And I’m sure I missed many more fine points and details.


Oh god imagining proceduraly generated NPCs in a proceduraly generated map gives me a panic attack at just the thought


I can imagine at least one nazi NPC in that situation


If not random generation what do you think about a map that gets extended every update a little
Instead of making a new map he can just add a location it would save him some time and maps would not be as small as russia and since guns will be able to shoot more than 300m it would make more sence


Have you even tried to make maps? As someone who has the thought of a map that theoretically goes on forever and you’re meant to continuously expand further out every update gives me PTSD to some war I haven’t been in yet


What I didnt understand a thing you said


that’s ironic innit


Is this situational irony, dramatic irony, or verbal irony, because I’m not seeing any?


He’s saying that it’s pretty much not possible for a game like unturned to have randomly generated stuff or one map that gets updated every week. So no, it’s not gonna work.


a very odd strain of verbal irony