I’d like to see some machinery in Unturned 4.0 for cutting trees and maybe mining.
And maybe it could have it’s own storage specifically for the stuff it collects.
What do you guys think?

Edit: I mean a vehicle for cutting trees and possibly a buildable for getting metal.


Really hoping you’re not suggesting making this thing operable.


That would be way to big for the small metal nodes unturned has. :smiley:


Oh alright then lol


yes i would really like to see this it would make base building more of a priority.



i imagine that he wants machines like in the mod thermal expansions of minecraft or something like in rust


Like a chainsaw and a jackhammer? Like we already have?


Why would chainsaws and jackhammers store the materials they collect? OP was obviously talking about a vehicle or buildable.


Ahh. I didn’t read that part. All I saw was machinery for cutting and mining.


Sorry but I haven’t played modded minecraft or rust so I don’t understand what you mean. But if they have vehicles for that then yeah, that’s exactly what i want.


look up the tekkit modpack


There are truck designed to cut down trees… but what I would suggest is to take the log and drop it on a road :smiley: wich would be the usefull part of that, using machinery


I’m up for having a combine spawn at a farm to chop some zombies down, but no more than that. Just a rare, easter egg-esque vehicle for some shits and giggles, but i don’t think that having heavy machinery (with an actual purpose) in Unturned 4.0 is fitting, let alone, necessary.


Having automated machines which harvest and auto-store the resources in a compartment is no longer a part of survival. It has become a challenege of “Who can live the high life more”

-I have a TV
-I have a flat screen!
-I have a Lambo
-I have a villa
-I have a chopper
-I have a jet
-I have a mansion
And so on and so forth. I don’t want a hardcore survival game to turn into the sims after typing “motherlode” 500 times


No what i think he is referring to, is more like. Ok guys so to make a efficient base building chainsaws wont do the job anymore, we need a tractor with a saw attachment, that needs maintenance ect ect

So we want scrap? we need a tractor with a jackhammer arm, with its own set of rules ect ect.

what it would do is really just upp the survival aspect, getting a chainsaw to make a house or a jackhammer wont do the job anymore, you need real tools, and real equipment. More aspects like spare parts, people sabotaging/stealing your vehicles. Doing a mining run with one of those tractors would be alot more dangerous, and almost necessary , rather then “im that guy who doesnt need a jackhammer, because im rich af with the tractor”


So, building bases suddenly needs to turn into a professional, heavy machinery operated mining/lumber operation ? How the hell is that necessary or fitting in a survival game ?


If the combine could auto-harvest crops that are ready, that’d be beast. Granted, you’d need to pick up the neat line of harvested crops it would leave behind, or to the side


He is talking about vehicles, not carried engine tools.


For a survival centric game like 4.0, this would be pretty misfitting; however I could see this happening as a mod


Tractors with saw and jackhammer would be really usefull to harvest ressources fast