Man this new SDG game looks sick



SDGCheeto vs SDGNelson, who will win?




Nice whip bb


Dude, the Map Select screen is just amazing, got to hand it to the SDG crew on this one.


This actually made me chuckle, well done.


get @Hexadecimal on it and we’ll have that map ready in no time


I’ll have it done by the time Unturned II is released


well that’s some good news


damn boi, Loving the new Terrain Transitions. They just F A D E



There’s no germany and ireland.
Not to mention festive pei. /s


The scaling is really off, and Alpha Valley should have been landlocked.


Yukon being an island is weird. You’re weird. >:C


sorry dad, was trying to imatate the sonic adventure 2 level select best I could

note: made the original in like 5 secs


alpha valley wasn’t there in the first place lol


Fixed it happy >:C


other half of level select xd