Melee Combat Controls


The games that don’t actually have dual-wielding but just a single item that shoots from a single point and is technically just one gun, you mean? Your examples don’t have dual-wielding.

Being limited only a penalized close-combat kinda sucks. :v


What I meant with:

I don’t think everyone will appreciate the addition, because every game uses a more “simple” method.
I know unturned is a survival game and it needs more in-depth mechanics, but sometimes we, as a community, want to take it one step further than we should :confused:

Imagine a bulldog and a butterfly knife at the same time. Yeah. xD


A lot of people really dislike those simplified dual-wielding methods, tbh. It also doesn’t make sense for Unturned because then we’re implying that:

  • Dual-wielding requires the two items to be the same (as the underdeveloped mechanics would limit shooting, reloading, aiming, freecam, ability stats, etc.) No dual-wielding a pistol and flashlight.

  • Dual-wielding weapons are just crafted together, akin to Warframe, U3 mods, Minecraft mods (before dual-wielding was added), etc. Alternatively, you just find “dual” pistols that have to be used together (ie: Fortnite).

Dual-wielding really gets the some of the worst implementations into games, which is why people don’t want the same implementation into Unturned. For some games it makes sense, for others it really doesn’t.


Now that’s how you change someone’s mind.


I think that dual weapons would be too OP I think we should, like having “missing chance or somthing…” because It’s actually hard to use dual weapons irl without a supporter.


What’s OP about dual wielding?
Even though you’re carrying more weapons, you can’t do as much with each of them.
Btw what did you mean by “a supporter”?