Molt has been ego boosted (not Photoshop)



Is it possible for me to become an AntiNormie? That’d be coolio


It’s too late, you’re already a basic normie. There’s nothing any doctor can do to change that.


Because yes.


what kind of conversation did i just read


I’m diving into a fire pit if i have to… someone send me to my destination xD


I call bullshit if that exists…

Wait what?!?!


the first one.


Its time to stop
No forum ships please


Agreed…this has been taken too far


Delet this now

This is why Freezzer doesn’t love me btw.


you don’t tell me what to do


EXACTLY lmfao.
Nah, believe it or not this isn’t what got me banned from Freezzer.
I got banned from Freezzer for placing over 100 metal flags in Seattle.

All saying “Freezzer is the big gay”


@MoltonMontro what happened to your profile pic? Why’d you decide to change perfection?


MulletMontro IS perfection. :smiling_imp:


I remember doing stuff like this.

Actually stuff much worse than this…

(but this is well presented I must say)


Freezzer punished me harder than any exploiter on the server just for “Insulting staff” lmao. Apparently their ego is more important than making sure script kiddies arent in the server.


If this were real Freezzer then there would be at least 100 jets in the air.


It is real freezzer, and my squad had to take down several jets.


uhh gawd its also germany… so your also getting lag


germany is awesome and if you say otherwise you should perish.