My 1.0 experience in 2018



It’s so good.


Btw if you want sound, cars and multiplayer; just install mark’s mod.


Quick tip if you just want to dick around, drop in anything on the log in screen (really doesn’t matter) and you’re good to go to fly around, spawn in stuff and just explore freely.


Im asian**


Not gonna lie, it looks beautiful.


true og’s play deadzone copies tho xdddd


But could you host servers in deadzone? I’m afraid not.


Without checking atm, probably yes. Deadzone copies should let you do that, as they aren’t private like the original and a long while ago Roblox added a way to let games let players host servers.

Not that you’d need to anyways. Just hop onto a Roblox-hosted server.


oof indeed you cannot (for free n stuff) unless you buy a private server


wow it used to look obviously like unity without a doubt


10/10 better graphics than 3.0