My Ban Appeal


So technically fr34ky should also be banned as he also hangs out on cheating discords and so should be the moderator who posted the “proof” as he also participates


I go with what I said. If he had no idea about it, he’s fine as long as he leaves as soon as he knows. But people who stay require a ban.


Agree kinda, people who were simply in the Discord do not get bans because they haven’t done anything but anyone who is associated with the cheats will be, also @Kylie he knew the whole time otherwise we wouldn’t of banned him there are messages of him talking about the cheats days before he was even banned, even now he is still staff on that Discord server


As i said no body not associated with the cheats will be banned.


It doesn’t forking matter if he says hes not promoting them he is promoting them and associating with them by being there and moderating it.


Again by that logic you should be banned too as you are there too. All he is doing is helping with dyno bot as he said himself. If you are going to ban someone for being there and say he is associated with cheats ban yourself and fr34ky as well.


In other words, he’s being a hypocrite

And a bigot for branding Ed as an associate with a cheater no matter what


In other words neither of you read what just said


Then tell us how is he associated with the cheats if he is only there and simply manages dyno as a favor from someone?


Say someone manage plugins on RocketMod but only as a favor it means they are not associated with RocketMod? :smiley:


or for example someone manages the SDG forums it means they are not associated with the forums?


But Ed doesn’t manage the server, hacks or discord all he does is making sure the bot works as he stated in the screenshot. If someone simply manages a bot on a forum then he is not associated with the forums he simply manages a bot as a favor


And if you are salty because of the rank then what would happen if you got a special rank, Ed screenshots it and starts posting it everywhere? Then you’d be banned as well because then you are also associated with them


lol your logic xD


The issue is your logic not mine. Why not show Ed “moderating” the discord? Since you have so much proof to spare? If you can’t prove it how do you know he is actually moderating the discord server?


Can we just stop this argument. It isn’t in our power to choose. Sven is the owner of the server and he gets to ban someone based on what they did. If our friend here had no idea about the cheating, then he should consult Sven himself. It’s his problem, not ours. He should solve it. Maybe Sven misinterpreted.


You can’t consult Sven about anything he acts like a 12 year old kid. That’s why he posted the ban appeal here because Nelson can tell Sven to unban Ed


That picture was taken after this whole thing went down…


Once again, how do you know what I do and don’t know. You provide zero evidence to support that i knew if I was in a hacking discord before any of this happened. Where is your evidence? Zero evidence to support this claim just like Sven.


Try talking to Sven about anything, it’s impossible. I posted the ban appeal on the OFFICIAL forums for the OFFICIAL Discord server.