My Ban Appeal



Ban wise: You aren’t banned from Unturned itself on Steam and won’t be unless cheat software is detected on your computer. The Rocket Observatory and Discord bans are community projects and out of our discretion.

My personal opinion: From what I’ve seen looking through the cheat discord server as well as images, comment records and the other people involved from your side it’s reasonable to think that you knew you were involved in a heavily cheating-related project, and so by the standards of the observatory and discord that constitutes a ban.

Concerning requests to cut contact with Sven/change the developer of RocketMod: He’s done a fantastic job managing Rocket for the community making a lot of happy players over the past several years entirely out of his own passion for the project. I have no control over Rocket because it’s entirely separate from Unturned, but even if I did I would be glad to retain Sven as its developer. While it’s possible to bring up some examples of rude behavior on his part I’m sure that’s true for all of us at one point or another, and it can be especially difficult to keep a cool head when dealing with other rude comments.