Nelson devlog pls


wait but who ate it


The person who ate it died.


we all did it


Nelson ate it


Oh God oh fook he must be ded
No more devlogs
Pesky why


ok thxx
i need to get my brain that is in your stomach



fuck i killed melson


I would love some updates but let him take his time


pls its been too long my veins need that juicy content pls


Beggars cant be choosers. Wait and give Nelson some time. For all we know, he could be having family/business/friendship/home issues


In addition to being working on game evolutions, eating, going out, taking a break is a human not a machine.


Most recently, I’ve been enhancing the inventory 3D previews: working on making it so that you can click on an individual item in the view to start dragging it, for example if you want to quickly take the scope off your gun you could drag it off the 3D preview of your character. :slight_smile:


That could be really useful, hopefully we can get something like that for ammo as well. I hate needing to equip bows just to remove their arrows in 3.x


alright. that sound epic and pretty useful too, but um, here’s an idea: if you have a dragonfang, and 8 glues, and for some reason you want to replace them, instead of changing their spots in the inventory one by one, you could drag the dragonfang on 2x4 glues and you could replace them fastly

this is either probably already planned or no one is going to understand what am i talking about

so yeah, wait for the next devlog, guys


Patience son.


you can strip them c:




thanks a lot for leting us know


Inventory development can only mean one thing…

A combat demo? I mean, from what I’ve seen the content is there.

dont click

something something mac demo and offbrand hoodie