Nelson Q&A

I don’t know if he has done one of these yet. BUT Nelson should do a Q&A sometime!!! So then we can get to know him etc. Or maybe do a live Q&A

  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. What’s your favorite food?
  3. What’s your favorite season?
  4. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  5. Do you like to play any sports?
  6. Samsung or apple?
  7. Do you actually play Unturned like as if you were a player?
  8. If so, what is your favorite map and type of server?
  9. How much time daily do you think you spend on Unturned dev?
  10. Not including Unturned, what is your favorite pc game?
  11. What’s your favorite non-pc game?
  12. Will Unturned ever make its way to counsel?
  13. How old are you?
  14. When is your birthday?
  15. Are you single?
  16. Do you have any siblings?
  17. When are you going to grow that beard?

Just a starter list

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I think Nelson has answered these questions through interviews by YOUTUBERS.

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Yeah and how long ago was that

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I just wanna know what kinda music the man listens to


“On my server we usually build or have huge battles, on public servers I’m friendly and help everyone I meet - rarely get KoS’d so I think that might be exaggerated. Favourite gun is the eaglefire, favourite cosmetic is my real hoodie/shirt combo which I added a few weeks ago.” Source: /r/unturned AMA

Nelson’s 21 years old, date of birth being July 27, 1997.

He has a girlfriend.

Asking the real questions


Nelson I demand you to give an update on your 2019 face


“are you single”
i think i heard in an interview that he said something about him not being single
sadly :frowning:

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You trying to get with Nelson? :thinking:


he better have a beard

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How could he play it not Like a player?

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Nearly all your questions have been answered several times in messages and videos. I don’t think time really affects your favorite color.

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A month or 2 ago?

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who wouldn’t

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People can change their favorite color, you never know. Those are just examples

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Like actually play on servers as a player. Not playing as a player would be just testing things out. What I meant was does he actually play Unturned (but not for testing purposes).


If these have been answered already link the video then please. Because I haven’t seen the recent ones. I vaguely remember the one Melikebigboom did. But that was awhile ago


Link them here then please

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It was just a poor example, of course people can change.

You can reply to different persons in one message, no need for spam. As for the videos, just type “Nelson Sexton interview” on YouTube, nothing hard to do.


It wasn’t spam. I just read the message and replied and then read the others

I’m obviously not nelly, but heres a few guesses and answers

I wonder why you’d ask :thinking:

He’s got a girl. Earlier steam announcements or interviews proved this. Though it’s old.

“Everything is still pretty normal for me,” Nelson tells me over coffee. He says the success of Unturned hasn’t really bled into his life in any dramatic way. He drives a Honda, has a girlfriend, and lives at home with his dad. Most times, his success is felt indirectly. “My girlfriend’s mom is a teacher and she tells her students that she knows the creator of Unturned and her students get excited,” he laughs. “I love hearing those kinds of stories.”

That interview was titled " What it’s like creating one of Steam’s most popular games at just 20 years old"

So I’d assume 22

Only smart dev customization kind of people would use a samsung >:)

Judging by his hours in the normal game, most probably.

I think he said that before in an interview and it was one of those generic really popular games that everyone plays, maybe apart of a franchise.

But for Nelson, his unending thirst to continue developing Unturned isn’t motivated by much more than a desire to bring to life whatever he thinks is cool. “One of the nice things about Unturned is I can find it a whole bunch of different things from other games I like,” he tells me. “There is kind of the core of survival games, but then I can bring in things from other games. Like, I played World of Warcraft for a number of months so I brought in NPCs to Unturned.”


3.0 has been a no. And porting to console would mean immense work on transitioning it all over on top of making it optimized for whatever specs that console uses.

Probably PEI, since it’s a fan favorite and been in the series twice.