New models for Ireland guns


Oh, and also the rangefinder is bugged on the cobalt:


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i’m pretty sure only the cobalt and wezel were changed, which is good, because now they actually look decent (ESPECIALLY the cobalt). the cobalt is a bit skinny and the ping is honestly (still?) pathetic, but it’s a big improvement.


For all of you also bothered by the weird image formatting choice:

“Oh, and also the rangefinder is bugged on the cobalt:”


The Wezel still looks nothing like a FAL to me.

Hopefully it gets a small update, because until then it just looks bad to me.


trust me, it’s way better then it was in the first release


Yeah, I agree.


I made my own version, but I don’t wanna advertise mods, that’s rude xd


PM me, I’m interested.


sent (characters)


PM me too.


sent (bob saget)


Thanks, I didn’t know how to get them off of my steam page.


Did I accidentally categorize it to 4?


It was uncategorized.