New zombie types



day broke

(ten char)


Thats Creepy af



Dude’s got a coochie for a mouth.


i like the Puppetmaster its a nice idea


resident evil 2


yeah its a nice game what’s up with it ?




Top anime crossovers


There should be a zombie that picks up random items like slendermen, or all zombies should do this.

I dunno, it sounds pretty epic. Having a zombie holding an RPG (which would probably never happen if this suggestion got integrated)


You mean an enderman?


Holy fuck I’m a normie.

Yeah that’s what I meant. I don’t know why I said slenderman. I remember typing that and slightly thinking “That doesn’t sound right but I probably just mispelled it”



hm, it actually looks pretty creepy whit a skinner body


it looks like a walking crocodile


haha it kinda does looks like it


idk i dont like the enderman idea but it would be cool if there was a zombie or something part human that would pick up items and use it to kill players and animals. Basically a zombie that kills things using items.




Yes that’s a good idea


Its an SCP