Nights in 4.0


What would you guys prefer the nights in 4.0 to be ? Let’s be honest, the nights in 3.0 weren’t all that great, with a little bit of “getting used to it”, you could navigate around with ease. Now, we know 4.0 is going to be survival-based, with a more gritty (and possibly dirtier) look, but i don’t remember seeing discussions about nights. Do you think the nights are gonna be really dark, FORCING you to have some sort of light source if you want to navigate freely at night ? In 3.0, if you use a torch or anything that glows, you’re instantly at a disadvantage, for the reason that everyone will see it, and since the nights aren’t all that dark, people could still find you easily if you put down your torch. Rust is a good game to take inspiration off of for the nights. They’re dark, making light sources a demand if you need a clear sight of your surroundings and if otherwise, you’ll be squinching your eyes, trying to figure out what you’re looking at.

I have 3 little suggestions:

During nights and overall, dark places, if you don’t have a light source, you have a small radius that you can see stuff. Outlast had this mechanic and it was pretty neat, if you go close to a wall, you can see it. This radius can be pretty much 0.5 meters from the camera or even less. It would make it easier to navigate a building in the dark without a light source, so +stealth, i guess ?

My 2nd suggestion is buffing the torches to illuminate a wider radius. Other fire-based light sources also apply.

3rd one, is flashlights having 2 different modes. Default one is where it’s lighting a wider radius, but can’t go far, 2nd one is where it’s focused on a tighter radius, with increased range.

Thanks for reading!


Basically you’re asking us to not be able to see further than in front of our noses (considering Unturned characters doesn’t have noses).


Darker, darker, yet darker.


sounds similar to my darker nights post, but not quite. So good job xd


No, not like that.
I don’t know how to explain myself, so i’m gonna post a link to a vid:

Notice how the bars and any surface close to the camera is slightly visible ?
That’s what i mean. It would be useful if you want to roam buildings in full darkness, without having a light source to help you. Not necessary, but it would be a neat addition imo.


There is a map on the workshop called Tekanov. It has very dark nights (Basically if you do not have a flashlight or NVG’s you’re done with)Download it and play it,it is really PVE based and creepy.


I dont know if it is my monitor, but 3.x is already dark enough, like real like, cause there is the moon, and it lights up averything. What Nelson could add is darker closed ambients, like house and that stuff, so you would have to use a flashlight to loot, but not to navigate at night. BUT: In the new moon it could be darker, and in the full moon it should be lighter, even lighter than now.


I’ll like the first suggestion, and the ambient light can be based upon the moon.

Like on full moons, how you can see somewhat, and on new ones, it’s so dark?

Then add on Is_cloudy or not-cloudy and there we got a decent little system going on.


I like that idea!


I think darker nights are awesome, but only some nights should be like this!

On full moon-nights, or horde nights (I know this doesn’t make sense because it’d be less dark), it would add an extra challenge.

Or this super dark night could be an uncommon random event, as it might make horde nights impossible to survive within reach of zombies.


Full moon is already hard wnough, it is impossible to go to a city already, so NO THANKS


I thought the full moon was nerfed in 3.X, I remember every single zombie chasing you down and I loved that.


I remember the days where I would snipe zombies from my base… ahh the good times, before I lost my last account T-T


It’s not hard at all though.


True. Unless they buffed up… The… Gahhh…



Full moons with proper gear (nevermind even fairly basic gear) are extremely easy to deal with. The only mild threat are spitters.

I’d like for zombies to get stronger at night in general, but on full moons they should go ballistic.


Maybe an actual visual thing as well, like all their arms getting buff or something.


eh, I don’t think they should get all buff. That’d be weird.
It should just be like Dying Light where they get faster.


Coupled with this idea, you should be able to use one handed guns while using a flashlight, for the main reason that if everyone can see where everyone else is at night if you wave a light source around, the only way people can harm each other at night is with flashlight melee. Perhaps this can be circumvented with a crafting recipe for strapping a flashlight to a piece of headgear.


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