Nights in 4.0


I think that there should be like different types of Flashlights that each determine how bright different flashlights can be. Which is an idea from Apocalypse rising. In Apocalypse rising there is a Civilian Flashlight (starter flashlight that is dim), Survival Flashlight (Perfectly bright) and a Military flashlight (Bright and helpful that might cause attention from other players). So I think that the different flash lights are a great idea! There should also be Glowsticks/ chemlights that you could use to stick your character on!


The backpack Nelson is wearing in the devlogs is a MOLLE rucksack (basically a backpack that you can attach things on) ,so you suggestion is very probable to happen.:grin:


did ypu serisouly just post a 2h video


Really, the glow from the glowstick will just glow around you.

From the Best Roblox game that used to be the best.


It was the only “no nightvision” video i found, plus, i posted it for a specific moment.


u could of used pica instad…


The eating disorder?


Easier to post the video, than to search around for pics or snapshot the video.


no lol i ment a pictures